Lyanna Mormont Had the Most Satisfying 'Game of Thrones' Death Ever

lyanna mormont death
Lyanna's death was crushing. | HBO
Lyanna's death was crushing. | HBO
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If there was one thing we learned about Lyanna Mormont in the brief time we got to know her on Game of Thrones, it was that she would never go down without a fight. As the Battle of Winterfell grew continually more grim thanks to the Army of the Dead's unstoppable advance, little Lyanna gave us a rare moment to cheer about.

In the midst of the action, the tiny, badass Northern leader comes face to face with the Night King's giant, taking him down in the process. She loses her life, but displays a heroism men twice her age couldn't muster. May she rest in peace.

When the undead giant storms the Winterfell gates, he immediately throws Lyanna aside, and it seems like a callous end for a beloved, if small in both stature and import, character. But that's not her end. She gets up and runs towards the enormous beast, he picks her up, crushing her bones in the process. (The sound effects were a bit gruesome, even in context, and it's difficult to listen to Lyanna's agonized screams -- she's just a kid, after all!) But before she gives in to death, she delivers a final blow, straight into the giant's cold, blue eye. She's later revived by the Night King in his massive fuck you to Jon Snow, but we're not going to dwell too much on that, because we're saved the massive ramifications thanks to a well-timed slice of a Catspaw dagger

She told Jorah, her once-disgraced relative, in the previous episode that she was determined to be in the melee, despite his wishes that she would stay in the crypts. (Though, of course, little did he know that she wouldn't have been much safer, as so many pointed out before the episode.)

From the instant Lyanna arrived in Season 6 she was a fan favorite, speaking truth to power wherever she went. In an interview with The Cut, her portrayer, Bella Ramsey, said the thing she'll miss most about playing Lyanna was "the opportunity to stand up in front of a load of grown men and shame them." And her character went out shaming grown men (very grown men) even as she dies.

And in the end, to save her from her own shame, another young woman hero -- Arya Stark -- stepped up to prevent the image of a frosty-eyed Lyanna going to fight in the Army of the Dead. Lyanna Mormont, your life may have been short, but you did more with it than most. 

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