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TV Stars Predict the Crazy Ways 'Game of Thrones' Could End

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Arya's whittling down her revenge list. Daenerys is mobilizing. Cersei is painting the town green. With the winds of winter finally hitting Westeros, the end is nigh. Meaning: finale theories abound.

Ahead of Game of Thrones' seventh season, we asked a few of our favorite actors to predict the outcome of HBO's epic tale. Because stars! They're just like us! They love fan theories! Even when they're on other HBO shows.

game of thrones on hbo

Kristin Chenoweth (American GodsYounger)

"In my world, Queen Cersei always comes out on top, even without her brother."

Lilly Singh (YouTube, HBO's upcoming Fahrenheit 451)

"Now that Cersei is childless, she's going to be more evil and ruthless than ever before. As a result, I think Jaime is going to kill her (after maybe making out with her?). I think there will be some conflict between Sansa and Jon Snow, but ultimately I think Jon Snow will prevail simply because we can't see him die twice. It took long enough for him to resurrect once. Jon Snow, Tyrion, and Khaleesi will discover that they are siblings and all have dragon blood within them. They may attempt to rule the Seven Kingdoms together, but I think Khaleesi will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne. After all, it's 'all men must die' and that means the ladies are chilling."

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Haley Joel Osment (Silicon Valley)

"Daenerys Targaryen’s invading army will depose Cersei Lannister and defeat Euron Greyjoy’s fleet in the climactic battle of Season 7. Allied with Highgarden, Dorne, the Vale and the North, Daenerys’ forces will overrun King’s Landing and unite the Seven Kingdoms. Euron, as anyone who read the Winds of Winter preview chapter 'The Forsaken' will know, might prove to be the most evil of the show’s villains. During the siege of King’s Landing, he will use the Dragon Horn he found in Valyria to take control of the three dragons. But just when all seems lost, Bran will warg into Drogon and save the day. Cersei's end will most likely come at Jaime's hand. The prophecy she heard as a girl suggested she would be killed by her 'younger brother,' and though they are twins, the books have revealed that Cersei was technically born first.

"I anticipate a dark reunion for Arya and Melisandre, one that may prevent Arya from ever finding her way home. We will witness Jon and Dany’s realization of their true relationship, and find out if Littlefinger has any meaningful leverage left now that Sansa has seen him for what he really is. But I'm most intrigued by what Sam will learn at the Citadel. The Faceless Men stole something of value from within during the 'Alchemist' chapter of A Feast For Crows, and whatever it was might hold the key to defeating the White Walkers. Judging from what we've heard through Arya's training in the House of Black and White, it isn't a surety that the Faceless Men are on the side of the living.

"I do not, however, think we will see a resolution between all the competing eschatologies of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones until the final season. Characters that could determine the fate of the world variously follow The Seven, The Lord of Light, The Children, the Drowned God, and the Faceless Men, not to mention the mysterious magic of the Dragons and the White Walkers. Euron's quest to subdue and enslave avatars of all the religions of the world may give us our window into which are supreme. I also suspect that next season a main character will be absorbed into the White Walkers' army and give us our first insight into their motivations, if they even have motivations.

"Dany’s journey through the House of the Undying is perhaps my favorite chapter from the books, and there are so many tantalizing clues and prophesies packed into those passages, it's impossible they have all been fulfilled by events that have happened to this point. So while a war of survival against the White Walkers (and hopefully 'pale white spiders big as hounds') will be the endgame, I'm fascinated by how the show will wrap up the fate all of these overlapping theological systems. Dragons, Greensight, and obsidian might prove to be the weapons that save the living from the dead, but given the twists and turns the story has taken there are certainly many more surprises that await as we near the end."

game of thrones on hbo

Stephen Tobolowsky (One Day at a Time)

"I predict most everyone will be killed. I hate to say it, but Jon Snow will die. He will be ambushed and will die killing Cersei to save Arya Stark. Arya will become a Queen and ruler. Daenerys and Tyrion will join forces with her and they will prepare to take on the frozen zombies. The camera will pull back as the final battle begins. Behind the human lines will be a new weapon. Shot by a catapult, a large stone will arc into the heavens, explode, and turn into another sun… melting the ice people. The show will conclude with two suns setting on a world ruled by women with no men to mow the lawn, paint the house, or play good rock 'n' roll."

Jared Harris (The Crown)

"It will be a bittersweet victory. Littlefinger is modeled on Richard III, so he has to sit on the throne after Cersei and before Daenerys/Snow. But the battle for the Iron Throne will leave the kingdom badly damaged and in poor shape to face the Walkers. The dead can’t get past the Wall without help, as the Wall has magic markings on it. But presumably that's the point of the Night King’s mark on Bran. The last battle for the Iron Throne will be between the remaining forces of the Daenerys alliance and the army of the Dead. I imagine we'll see a few familiar faces. The series will end in complete destruction. King's Landing will be in ruins, akin to Old Valyria. The White Walkers will be defeated at great cost to our heroes. Only Maester Sam and Bran will know what happened. Sam will write it down for future generations to discover when civilization recovers. The cycle will reset."

Alice Wetterlund (Silicon Valley)

"Arya will probably kill everyone on her list then get violated and murdered by White Walkers just as she's walking up to that one main chair, which is made of knives. Because James R. R. R. R. R. Murrow hates women, endings that make sense, and having one middle name."

Matt Besser (Fresh Off the Boat)

"Lord Robin Arryn will win the Game of Thrones! Deprived of his mother’s breast milk, Sweet Robin will drive all who stand in his way into the quick justice of the Moon Door!"

game of thrones on hbo

Amin Joseph (Snowfall)

"I think the Lannisters will win the Game of Thrones, but not before teaming up with the Starks and Greyjoys to defeat the other families and fight the White Walker siege. Also, I think everyone wants to see Peter Dinklage on one of those dragons."

Emily Tarver (Orange Is the New Black)

"The Targaryens. Daenerys has dragons and an army of Unsullied. Also, Jon Snow is a Targaryen and he's basically unmurderable. Although, now that Cersei's kids are dead, she's got no ounce of love left in her heart. She RUTHLESS y'all. She might kill everyone that ever lived."

Aaron Tveit (The Good Fight)

"Tyrion finds out his true parentage as Dany's brother -- the Mad King having taken Tywin Lannister's wife for himself and Tywin having raised Tyrion as his own. He completes the prophetic 'three-headed dragon' and ascends the Iron Throne in place of his sister Dany and nephew Jon. All three of them overthrow the Night King, Bran Stark in the Great War."

Amber Nash (Archer)

"I have religiously watched every episode of Game of Thrones, but I have to finally come clean and admit: 1) I don't know anyone's name; 2) I almost never remember what's happened in previous seasons (except for when Joffrey died)."

game of thrones on hbo

Josh Brener (Silicon Valley)

"All the fuss about 'R+L=J' is wrong. The R doesn't stand for Rhaegar, it stands for Robert... Baratheon! Jon Snow is just one more of King Rob's (many) bastards, but he's the only one to survive and therefore the only remaining Baratheon with a claim to the throne. So he doesn't have Targaryen blood, that would be gross... because he's going to end up marrying Daenerys! Together they unite the Seven Kingdoms under joint Baratheon-Targaryen rule, the only two families that have legitimate claims to the throne. (Not gonna be pretty for the Lannisters, who all get fed to Arya.)  

"How does this all come about? The King of the North meets Khaleesi in King's Landing as they both battle Queen Cersei. And because the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they quickly end up becoming friends... with benefits. Also, Bran can warg Dani's dragons, so she has to play nice. That will of course come in handy when they have to join their armies together to march north against the WWs. Which should work out, 'cause, ya know, fire/ice/etc.  

"On the other hand, if 'R+L=J' is right, then the show ends with a super awkward scene where Jon finds out that he's been having sex with his aunt. Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme."

Tamera Mowry-Housley (The Real)

"It's definitely going to be a woman. It's set up that way. There are way too many powerful amazing women characters in the series. The obvious is Daenerys! I think eventually she will team up with the Starks and take over the throne, killing the White Walkers with her army and dragons."

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