Yes, That Really Is Adam DeVine's Penis in Netflix's 'Game Over, Man!'

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This post contains spoilers for Game Over, Man!, as well as some NSFW scene descriptions.

Irreverent, occasionally shocking, but always fun, Netflix's Game Over, Man! wants to fill the Workaholics void left in your heart. Adam DeVine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson star in this raunchy love-child of The Man Who Knew Too Little and Die Hard, a six-year-in-the-making dream project, as low-level hotel employees who want nothing more than to finance Skintendo, their dream video-game project. First, they just have to turn into three idiot John McClanes and save the world. Or something.

Game Over, Man!, now out on the streaming service, mounts two set pieces that should surprise even the trio's most passionate of fans. "It's not like we didn't have a lot of freedom on Workaholics, but it's just that with the medium of TV, you can't get away with the same stuff you get away with as you can on Netflix and with a big, movie budget," DeVine tells Thrillist. "It's all about, What do we wanna see in movies? What makes us laugh really hard? Once you start going like, Oh, this doesn't make me laugh, but it's what people want -- you lose touch with your comedic voice."

Indeed, the project remains true to the guys' brand. (And might be just the beginning? They already have a sequel idea they're "really excited about.") Ahead of its release, we called DeVine to walk us through creating the gnarliest moments.

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The part where the penis gets cut off

Adam Devine: We wanted to jump into our characters' scene, where the terrorists do something pretty insane and violent, but we didn't want it to just be a standard death. So we were like, What would be a funny thing that could happen, that we could see them being terrorists? And we were like, Obviously, dick cuttin' off!

And I love Daniel Stern, [who plays the main characters' boss, the hotelier]. He's a childhood hero to all of us. It's one thing to have an actor who you don't really know or who you're not as huge a fan of get their dick cut off, but it's a totally other thing to have Daniel Stern, a Sticky Bandit, a true comedy icon and somebody, especially from our childhood, through all the Home Alone movies and everything else he's done, get his dick cut off.

We got the dick from a special-effects company that makes real-looking prosthetics for film and television. They sent us multiple sizes, but since Stern's character is such a creep, we were like, Well, why is he always thinking about sex? Who is this guy? It would make sense that he just has a giant dick, and it's also funnier to have a giant dick fall out of the pants and then get punted across the room later on -- which was always the plan, that he would save the day with his dick. So we wanted to have something that was a little girthy and had some weight to it. Luckily, this company just had a giant hog laying around. 

Now, for the sequel, we need to get Joe Pesci in there and hopefully lop off something of his.

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The part with the fake auto-erotic asphyxiation 

Adam Devine: This scene was in the very first draft of the movie. The script went through many incarnations, and a lot of things were shifted and changed and completely removed, but this scene was one of the first ones that when we started to pitch to our friends and producers and agents, everyone was like, Ah, that is so funny! So we had to keep it.

I think if we would have written that scene and then sold the movie and made it right away, I would have been more nervous about it. But I've known that I'm gonna do this scene for like six years, so when the day came, I had no problem dropping trou. [Editor's note: He's not wearing a merkin.] They asked if I wanted a prosthetic one, but then I was like, I'm answering more questions about... if you just… it's, anyway, that's what my dick is. You know? There it is.

Weirdly, [director] Kyle Newacheck added a lot of extra shots of my penis? And I was like, I don't know if we need all of these specialty shots, and he was like, Believe me, we do. This is gonna be the killer scene in the movie. To his credit, he was right. When you walk away from this movie, I feel like this is one of the scenes that people are really going to be talking about. Movies have done this kind of full-frontal before, but it's not just nudity for nudity's sake. My character is trying to save the day with this insane, stupid plan.

game over man bey netflix
Utkarsh Ambudkar as Bey Awadi | Netflix

The part with the ass-eating

Adam Devine: Yeah, this is a pretty deep-seated revenge scene. We were wondering, What would be the nastiest thing, the worst thing that you could make someone do to someone else in a public forum? Because we didn't want the movie to be all violence. Instead, we wanted to humiliate Bey Awadi, and eating someone's ass would be pretty humiliating!

I think the fun turn of it is that he's not embarrassed by it. When I first saw the scene, I was worried. I watched the rough cut where there was no music, and the edit wasn't quite as smooth as we got it. But then we got a beautiful pan-down shot, kind of an elegant shot of this insane thing that we were doing. And it all just kind of started to work with the music and the score and the high-stakes of it and the fact that the other guy thinks it's cool that an internet celebrity is doing this to him.

When we tested the movie, I was still like, I bet we're going to get some blowback. Heyo! Blowback! We're gonna get some [laughs] blowback -- I'll say it again! I ain't afraid! -- on this scene. Turns out: no. Millennials are crazy, and they don't care.

The part where Steve-O dies

Adam Devine: Killing Steve-O is hilarious on a lot of levels for us because we grew up at a time when Steve-O was a goddamn superstar. When I was like 18 years old, he was the king. He still is. He's the best dude, the coolest dude, and the fact that he hasn't died, and we got to murder him? [Laughs.] Well not us, but the characters in the movie. That says a lot, and he was so cool about it.

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

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