What's Next for Netflix's 'Ginny & Georgia' After Its Shocking Ending?

The mother-daughter duo might be spending some time apart.

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Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Netflix's Ginny & Georgia.

You can almost imagine the pitch meeting for Ginny & Georgia: "What if we do Gilmore Girls, only with more sex and Lorelai's a criminal mastermind?" By the end of the 10-episode first season of the new Netflix series, that's basically exactly what the drama has provided.

In the season finale, the lengths Georgia (Brianne Howey) has gone to in order to defend herself and her family's well-being are revealed, while Ginny (Antonia Gentry) has been labeled an outcast at her school after having slept with (for a second time) the twin brother, Marcus (Felix Mallard), of her best friend, Max (Sarah Waisglass). Having learned from a snooping private investigator that Georgia is a murderer, Ginny takes her little brother, Austin (Diesel La Torraca), and steals Marcus' motorcycle, riding off into the night and away from her mom. It's a dramatic conclusion for a very dramatic show. Where does it leave us headed into a potential Season 2?

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So Georgia's a murderer twice over...

Over the course of the series, the audience progressively learns more about the dark backstory behind Georgia's sunny exterior. She was abused by her stepfather, which led to her to running away as a teen. Ginny's father Zion had parents who were willing to care for the child, but Georgia didn't want them taking control, so she ran again, this time ending up working for a scumbag, with whom she started a poker ring. After getting arrested, she married said scumbag to avoid having Ginny removed from her care. He was controlling, so she took matters into her own hands, poisoning him and hitting the road again.

The second time—that we know of—in which Georgia killed was more recently. She witnessed her yoga magnate husband being creepy toward Ginny, so she mashed up some Wolfsbane into his smoothie, making it look like he had a heart attack. In Georgia's head, her actions are rationalized by her determination to protect her brood, but when does self-defense cross over into sociopathy? The final moments of the season find her gloating. Should you be that confident when you have a body count if it's just a matter of protection?

Has she killed more people?

There are still holes in Georgia's story and questions that remain unanswered. Among them: Where is Austin's father, and why does Georgia have multiple guns in her house? Georgia's not just really good at murder; she's also an ace at embezzlement and other various fraudulent activities. What isn't she saying? And for that matter, how was she able to make sure her ex-husband was exhumed from his grave before he could have been given an autopsy that might have implicated her in his death?

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Where is Ginny going? 

Ginny clearly has formulated her own escape route, so where is she headed with Austin in tow? To wherever Zion may be? Or does she have some other plan? Ginny & Georgia makes the (somewhat obvious) case that for as frustrated as Ginny gets with her mom, they are actually two peas in a pod. Ginny can be rash and conniving. She calmly contradicts the private investigator, Gabriel Cordova (Alex Mallari Jr.), who tries to tell her the truth about her mother, even though she is aware he's onto something. At the same time, she runs away, seemingly less angry about her mom's crimes than she is about her mom's lies. 

What's PI Cordova's next move?

He knows Georgia has killed! Does he continue to pursue her? Or does he just let this one go? We really don't know anything about him other than he posed as the new boyfriend of Georgia's work friend to get closer to her. What are his motives—other than money, of course? 

How did Max's production of fake Chicago go

This is really irrelevant to the larger plot, but I'm obsessed with Sing Sing, the school musical Max is starring in that is basically Chicago, but Ginny & Georgia clearly couldn't get the rights to Chicago, so it's this weird fake Chicago instead. I love it and I would like to watch the whole terrible thing.

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