Matthew McConaughey's Bonkers New Movie Trailer Is Required Viewing

Not all Matthew McConaughey roles are created equal. As we learned already this year, audiences would rather listen to the Oscar-winning actor wax philosophical about the mystical qualities of Wild Turkey bourbon than watch the bronze bongo-god wander around a forest in a Gus Van Sant movie. Luckily, Gold, the actor's latest attempt at Oscar glory, looks alright alright alright.

Why does this trailer put us at ease? Much like in his iconic mustache-growing role in True Detective and his weight loss for Dallas Buyers Club, Gold finds McConaughey making a "brave" physical actor choice by daring to go bald as Kenny Wells, a down-on-his-luck businessman who makes a killing in the gold trade. McConaughey doesn't have to do roles like this; he could be enjoying live sporting events 24/7 and running his hands through his beautiful tangles of hair, but instead he's out here looking like Champ from Anchorman. Respect that.

Also, McConaughey touches a tiger in this movie. I will see any picture in which McConaughey communes with a wild animal, so I'm already buying a ticket.

Finally, Gold, which arrives on Christmas Day, is the first directorial effort in over 10 years from Stephen Gaghan, the writer of Traffic and director of Syriana, the movie where George Clooney put on weight, got electrocuted, and won an Oscar for his troubles. I'm not saying McConaughey is guaranteed a trophy this year -- this movie could just end up feeling like a Wolf of Wall Street knockoff -- but, judging from the trailer, his future looks… gold-ish.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and still loves the way McConaughey pronounced "bourbon." He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.