41 Perfect Gift Ideas for Any Harry Potter Fan This Holiday Season

harry potter christmas
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It's the most magical time of the year -- other than September 1 when all the young witches and wizards flock to the Hogwarts Express. This holiday season, leave the Harry Potter fan in your life spellbound with any of these perfectly chosen gifts that they'll enjoy while they're binging all the old movies, seeing Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and revelling in Harry Potter nostalgia.

harry potter house edition
Bloomsbury Publishing

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 20th anniversary House edition

Bloomsbury Publishing, $13.72
For the fan whose copy of the first book is waterlogged and dog-eared from their initial go-round 20 years ago, perhaps it's time for a special commemorative edition, personalized to their house of choice.They can shelve it alongside the Italian, Arabic, and Mandarin editions of the first book that they just couldn't resist picking up.
Where to buy: Book Depository

Harry Potter
Juniper Books

Juniper Books house editions

Juniper Books, $275
There comes a time in life when you look at your bookshelves and think, "Should I, like, arrange these in rainbow order?" These Juniper books editions aren't new-new, but they're gorgeous and will make you the fanciest wizard on the block. The set and its display box deserve a place of pride on your shelf, a low-key tribute to the bravest wizard I've ever known (Remus Lupin, obviously).
Where to buy:Juniper Books 

hogwarts wax seal kit

Hogwarts wax seal set

TaBo, $13.99
OK, so your giftee is a day (decade) or two over 11 years old, and they're still waiting on that Hogwarts letter. It's all chill though, because now they can send fancy letters sealed shut with a luxurious tribute from the greatest institution of magical education in Europe. Which is... extremely similar to completing a course of sorcery, right? At the very least, their snail mail will get an upgrade.
Where to buy: Amazon

Harry Potter Christmas Sweater Pins
Happy Supply Co.

Weasley sweater pin

Happy Supply Co., $6
Happy Christmas, Harry, here's a Weasley sweater (enamel pin) of your very own. It's a low-key lapel shoutout to the coziest family in the wizarding world, and unlike a hand-knit wool sweater with your first initial on it, you can wear this stylish garment every day, all year round.
Where to buy:Etsy

Dark Mark Pin Harry Potter
Super Cute Awesome Stuff

Dark Mark pin

Super Cute Awesome Stuf, $10.62
This pin is equal parts cute and disturbing. Like, yes, the Death Eaters are the bad guys, but who can resist the lure of an itty-bitty glitter snake coming out of a wee little skull? Voldemort, take note: This kind of branding is how you pick up new recruits. Gift-givers, take note: Potter fans will love it.
Where to buy: Etsy

Granger Lovegood 2020 Shirrt

Granger/Lovegood 2020 shirt

DFTBA, $22
Ridiculed though she was by her peers, Luna Lovegood was one of the more open-minded students at Hogwarts, and they don't just let any old slouch into Ravenclaw. And Hermione, well, we all know her deal. Those who are still scarred from 2016 but ready to look to the future will be thrilled to find campaign swag for their dream ticket under the non-denominational shrubbery of their choice.
Where to buy:DFTBA

Harry Potter T-Shirt

Hex the Patriarchy shirt

DFTBA, $22
Here's a message we can all get behind, after a trash fire of a few years. For the wizard or witch who's part of the resistance, give them the ability to wear their feelings of rage and over-it-ness on their sleeve chest, all the while declaring their magical ability.
Where to buy: DFTBA

Harry Potter Exercise book prints

MinaLima exercise book prints

MinaLima, $127-$255
This gorgeous, low-key print of the trio's exercise books (or, like, literally any print on offer) from design team MinaLima, who created the iconic signature look of all the signage, books and various paper products in the Potter movies, would be classily at home on any hardcore fan's wall. Choose from premium prints, which feature the duo's signatures, numbered editions and certificates of authenticity, and metallic accents, or the lower-cost but still beautiful and frame-worthy standard editions of the art.
Where to buy: MinaLima

Hogsmeade Tourism Poster
Window Shop Gal

Hogsmeade tourism poster

Window Shop Gal, $18.50-$56.50
Illustrated in the style of vintage travel agency advertisements, this poster will make anyone want to visit majestic Hogsmeade, signed permission slip or no. It's a non-childish tribute to one of the books' iconic locations, and would blend in with any adult's wall hangings.
Where to buy: Etsy

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit: World of Harry Potter Edition

USAopoly, $18.28
For the Potter fan who knows it all, an actually challenging set of trivia questions. Even the most die-hard fan will have to stop and think before answering some of the questions, and an actual Trivial Pursuit board isn't necessary to enjoy the cards, even though it wouldn't be totally by the game's rulebook. Just shuffle the cards and challenge the other person to prove their Ravenclaw cred.
Where to buy: Amazon

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: A Cooperative Deck-Building Game

Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle: A Cooperative Deck-Building Game

USAopoly, $46.98
This game is so good and so fun, no matter what your age. Up to four players can play at a time, as the core trio (Harry, Hermione and Ron) plus Neville. Set aside some serious time or a series of weekends to play: There are seven levels to beat. Using cards representing spells, items and allies (side characters), the players work together to protect key locations against dark magic. The levels get harder as you play, but the characters gain special abilities to stand up to the tougher baddies. You'll work together to strategize, and won't be able to stop playing until you beat all the levels.
Where to buy: Amazon

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Clock
Pottery Barn

Golden Snitch clock

Pottery Barn, $49
It opens at the close, and also tells you when you're running late. This little Snitch bedside clock is teeny tiny, with just a 1.5 inch wide face, and is a lovely and detailed (and somewhat useful, if you're not too nearsighted) piece that any devotee would love to have in their apartment.
Where to buy: PB Teen

Pottery Barn Harry Potter Lamp
Pottery Barn

Hogwarts pendant light fixture

Pottery Barn, $249
This light fixture says, "I have design cred, but also I am a wizard and you should not mess with me or my aforementioned design cred." It has an antiqued brass finish, and a perforated cutout silhouette of Hogwarts castle to welcome you home. It would look nice, not kitschy, with pretty much any color scheme or decorating style.
Where to buy: PB Teen

Harry Potter Tattoos

Harry Potter stars temporary tattoo

Tattify, $2.99
Has your giftee always wanted a Potter-themed tattoo but hasn't had the Snitches to take the plunge permanently? This stocking stuffer, a set of two temporary tattoos mirroring the stars on the upper corners of the book's pages, will let them try out an inked homage to the series for a few days.
Where to buy:Etsy

Harry Potter Glasses Ring
Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani glasses and scar ring

Alex and Ani, $28
This gold-plated ring from it-company Alex and Ani lets the wearer rock Harry's iconic scar and glasses, all wrapped around their little finger. The piece is officially licensed and comes in one size.
Where to buy: WB Shop

Maurders Map Umbrella
Warner Bros.

Marauder's Map color-changing umbrella

Warner Bros., $19.90
So cool, it's basically magic. When dry, this umbrella is a beige and white Marauder's Map motif. But just add water: red words will show up spiraled around the circumference, the password to the map, "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good." But the recipient of your gift will be feeling good at least -- good and dry.
Where to buy: Hot Topic

Time Turner Watch
Warner Bros.

Time Turner watch

Warner Bros., $24.90
It's about time you invested in this subtle timepiece, with a design on its face like Hermione's wibbly wobbly timey wimey accessory from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Aside from its wizardly appeal, it's a sharp-looking accessory with a classic black strap and burnished alloy casing. It may or may not (definitely won't) let you turn back time, but it'll at least tell you how many minutes it's been since you last wished you could go back.
Where to buy:Hot Topic

Harry Potter Hogwarts Candle
The Melting Library

Harry Potter-inspired scented candles

The Melting Library, $15
Homegrown company The Melting Library specializes in hand-poured 8 oz. candles whose scents are inspired by books, including a popular Harry Potter collection. Take the mood-setting Welcome to Hogwarts. It's labeled as smelling of freshly baked strudel, spiced cider, and candlelight, sure to get your #2 sharpened, if you know what I mean. The little jars with their custom labels will look nice on a mantle, and your house will smell like magic instead of filthy Muggle. It's a win-win.
Where to buy: The Melting Library

kano coding wand kit

Coding wand kit

Kano $99.99
They say that learning is magic, and now that this learn-to-code wand exists, it's true. With more than 70 coding challenges included, would-be wizards can build a wand that responds to their movements and prompts reactions on a tablet. It'll make their STEM skills go lumos.
Where to buy: Kano

harry potter pillow sham
Pottery Barn

Hogwarts letter pillow sham

Pottery Barn, $34.50
Classy decor, check. Ticket to the Hogwarts Express? Um... still working on it.
Where to buy: Pottery Barn Kids

lego harry potter switch

LEGO Harry Potter Collection for Switch

Nintendo, $49.99
A fantastic way to keep hands busy: by playing your way through the Harry Potter plotlines as the digital rendering of a little plastic dude. The LEGO Harry Potter games were all previously released for other consoles, but have been remastered for the Switch.
Where to buy: Nintendo

alohomora key chain
The Keeper of the Keys

Alohomora keychain

The Keeper of the Keys, $8
A pun and a useful tool, all in one. This keychain is emblazoned with the unlocking spell from the books, in case you forgot what the keys attached to them are for. Hey, no one said magic makes you clever.
Where to buy:Etsy 

Riddle's Diary yarn

Knitted Wit, $25
For those who like to keep their homages subtle, this indie yarn maker offers a mysterious, angsty "Riddle's Diary" colorway. Basilisk fang not included.
Where to buy: Etsy

lumos light
Hellkitty Crafts

Lumos lamp and box

Hellkitty Crafts, $42.50
A little bit steampunk inspired and a lot magic, this lamp will look just as good on your desk as it would in the Hogwarts library.
Where to buy: Etsy

not today mugglefucker cup
Winen Sip

Not today, Mugglef--ker coffee cup

Winen Sip, $10
For when you're feeling magical, spicy, and thirsty all at the same time, this extremely aggro mug has you covered.
Where to buy: Etsy

funko harry potter figurines

Funko Advent calendar

Funko, $55.99
What's better than a little Harry Potter figurine? Twenty-four lil Harry Potter figurines, duh! Legendarily cute toymaker Funko has pulled together possibly the cutest Advent calendar ever.
Where to buy:Target

honeyduke's ornament

Honeydukes ornament

Warner Bros., $24.99
The Harry Potter movies are so cozy, they're nearly universally acknowledged as holiday movies now anyway. Why not let your Christmas tree make it official with this charming little (some might even say sweet) Honeydukes ornament?
Where to buy: Hallmark

niffler piggy bank
Hot Topic

Niffler piggy bank

Warner Bros., $12.90
They hoard gold, you hoard the change left over from your morning latte. Why not combine forces and store your loose coins in this (ADORABLE) Niffler's belly?
Where to buy: Hot Topic

niffler stuffed animal
Hot Topic

Niffler stuffed animal

Warner Bros., $15
Or, if soft creatures are more your speed, there's an extraordinarily cuddly Niffler stuffed animal to unwrap.
Where to buy: Hot Topic

niffler mini backpack
Hot Topic

Niffler mini backpack

Warner Bros., $49.90
Still not satisfied? Fine, greedy. Keep all your small items in this very cute Niffler mini backpack.
Where to buy: Hot Topic

fantastic beasts mystery cube
Hot Topic

Fantastic Beasts mystery cube

Warner Bros., $13.90
If you aspire to Newt Scamander greatness, these mystery cubes containing random fantastic beasts are just the ticket.
Where to buy: Hot Topic

gryffindior pin set

Gryffindior pin set

Gryffindior and Pintrill, $30
Fandom, but make it fashion: Satirical Instagram account Gryffindior collaborated with Pintrill to make these pins that'll make your artfully cuffed jean jacket just that much cooler.
Where to buy: Gryffindior

hogwarts house dish set

Hogwarts house 16-piece dish set

ThinkGeek, $99.99
Eat your written words: This dinnerware set has a four-piece place setting for each of the four houses. Everyone knows that pumpkin juice tastes better out of a Hufflepuff mug, that's just science.
Where to buy: ThinkGeek

nimbus broomstick pen

Levitating broom pen

Warner Bros., $19.99
Magnets, how do they work? Very hard, is the answer, to keep this snazzy broomstick pen levitating and ready to scribble down all your important thoughts.
Where to buy: ThinkGeek

harry potter towels

He's a keeper/She's a catch hand towels

ThinkGeek, $19.99
If there's one thing you love more than Harry Potter, it's -- wait. If there's one thing you love slightly less than Harry Potter, it's puns, as these witty hand towels prove.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek

the boy who lived sneakers

Boy Who Lived sneaks

ThinkGeek, $49.99
Walk the walk every day in these stylish and low-key magical low-tops with that clutch Boy Who Lived iconography.
Where to buy: ThinkGeek

golden snitch bean bag chair
Pottery Barn

Golden Snitch beanbag

Pottery Barn, $149-268
Lounge in style on this comically oversized golden snitch beanbag chair. You don't get 150 extra points for plopping down on it, but you do get a very comfy seat.
Where to buy: PB Teen

wizards welcome welcome mat

"Wizards Welcome, Muggles Tolerated" doormat

ThinkGeek, $29.99
It's best to establish house rules right off the bat.
Where to buy:ThinkGeek

buckbeak rocking horse
Pottery Barn

Buckbeak rocking horse

Pottery Barn, $199
Your kid is too little to know Dobby from a doody, but that doesn't mean they're too little to have the coolest rocking horse in the game. They won't even have to bow to this version of Buckbeak, luck them.
Where to buy: Pottery Barn Kids

gryffindor spatula set

Gryffindor spatula set

Warner Bros., $39.95
If you use these spatulas to prep brunch, your pancakes will almost certainly be enchanting. Just don't over-mix your batter, it'll get chewy.
Where to buy:Williams-Sonoma

Nail decals

AMnails, $2.99
The magic is at your fingertips with this easy, low-key nail art, perfect for stocking stuffers.
Where to buy:Etsy

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