Christmas Comes Early With a Bow in the Disney+ 'Hawkeye' Trailer


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It's a great day for fans of Marvel characters, purple outfits, and arrows that make things explode: Hawkeye, the next Disney+ Marvel series, is on the horizon, and its first trailer debuted this morning, promising a holiday season-flavored superhero tale in which one of the last remaining Avengers finally meets his match.

Things seem to have been quiet for Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) after he helped his friends defeat Thanos and return the universe to relative normalcy. All the loose ends have been tied up and he's finally able to spend time with that family we keep forgetting he has—except one loose end with particularly sharp eyes and skill with a bow and arrow that rivals his own suddenly threatens to unravel, and her name is Kate Bishop. Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) appears to have some connection with Hawkeye's Dark Past during the Blip wherein he was an assassin in Japan for a while (as one does), and her sudden appearance in New York promises to bring havoc down on Clint's life. And all during Christmas, no less!

The series is based on Matt Fraction's hilarious and universally beloved run of Hawkeye comics, which introduced Hawkeye to the peppy, somewhat disastrous Kate Bishop as well as dozens of bloodthirsty enemies and a golden retriever named Pizza Dog, a very good boy. Hawkeye debuts November 24 on Disney+.

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