Netflix's New 'House of Cards' Trailer Reveals the Underwoods Are Worse Than You Thought

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The dark, scandalous rise of Francis Underwood looks set to continue indefinitely, if Netflix's new trailer for Season 5 of House of Cards is any indication. 

You may remember Underwood as the politician fond of pushing journalists in front of trains, killing dogs, and perpetrating ruthless power-hungry acts with the same casualness and enjoyment he displays while eating barbecue. With the new season mere weeks away, you can look forward to spending a weekend bingeing the exploits of morality-challenged Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his equally ambitious wife, Claire (Robin Wright), as they seek America's highest office. 

And from the looks of things, they won't be satisfied with just a win; Frank wants Underwood on the ticket all the way through the 2030s, a veritable democratic dictatorship that's not technically "legal" under the current Constitution. But legality has never stopped Frank before; as he says in the beginning of the trailer, "The American people don't know what they want," and with an attitude like that, laws are mere formalities. 

House of Cards Season 5 arrives May 30 on Netflix. 

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Anthony Schneck is an Entertainment editor at Thrillist. Follow him @AnthonySchneck.