See if you can separate presidential fact from fiction

America’s first president, George Washington was born 282 years ago today. That's a fact. Said president George Washington had boundless energy because of the cocaine he used to powder his wig. That is not a fact. But you wanted to believe it, didn't you?!? And because you're awesomely gullible but also like to learn stuff occasionally, we've compiled a list of 10 presidential factoids, five of which are true (or can at least be attributed to a reputable source), and five of which are wildly, irresponsibly untrue.So, see if you can pick out the five legit ones, and then check the answer key below, or get deported.**Thrillist does not have the authority to deport anyone. That one was not a fact.

  1. Ulysses S. Grant had a fondness for raccoon meat, and would request that his soldiers hunt them in their spare time during the Civil War.
  2. Millard Fillmore’s first wife was a young nurse he met when she was treating him for a snakebite on his groin he sustained during a hunting trip.
  3. Lyndon Johnson once whipped out his substantial... Johnson (“Jumbo”, as he sometimes called it) in front of a group of reporters to demonstrate why America was fighting in Vietnam.
  4. As something of an early-20th-century Derek Zoolander, Gerald Ford dabbled in male modeling and once graced the cover of Cosmopolitan.
  5. Late in life, Teddy Roosevelt used to take pills made with bear semen, an early attempt to treat erectile dysfunction.
  6. Calvin Coolidge’s preferred method of starting his day was taking breakfast in bed and having his head liberally slathered with petroleum jelly.
  7. William Howard Taft so liked the smell of bacon that he tasked the White House kitchen staff with developing a mustache wax made primarily from bacon grease.
  8. Franklin Pierce was arrested while president for trampling an old lady with his horse.
  9. In his early twenties, Richard Nixon sang in a barbershop quartet called The Close Shaves.
  10. Known to be an avid (though frequently unsuccessful) gambler, Warren G. Harding once lost all of the White House china in a poker game.