Watch All Sorts of Sh*t Get Crushed By a Hydraulic-Press

hydraulic press channel on youtube
Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube
Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube

Do you like watching everyday objects get wrecked? Cool. So does Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finnish factory owner who became a YouTube sensation by following his heart. He and his wife, Anni, run the Hydraulic Press Channel, a beautiful corner of the internet where objects big and small meet their doom in the form of compressive force. The couple began uploading in October of 2015 -- now, they're 1.7 million subscribers strong.

If you're not a Hydraulic Press devotee yet, these impressive acts of total destruction should get you hooked.

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Hydraulic Press Channel/YouTube

Crushing Furby

Piece of advice for any other poor souls awaiting Furplosion: STAY ASLEEP.

Crushing Barbie

And here you were thinking Jean-Claude Van Damme was the best at the splits.

Crushing toothpaste and ketchup

Splurge a little on Amazon and you too could start getting the most out of your toothpaste tubes.

Folding (!) paper

Who you gonna call? MythBusters.

Crushing a book

Thank you for tuning into Boom After Reading, starring our hero, the one and only, Pressy McPressman.

Crushing motorcycle stuff

Fair warning: This briefly turns into something resembling an episode of The Walking Dead.

Will it blend or will it crush?


Crushing springs

Very, very, very tense stuff.

Crushing bathroom stuff

If I said this toilet explosion was more beautiful than that of the Death Star, would you believe me?

Crushing the iPhone 7

For when you update your iPhone early and it's awful.

Crushing dynamite

Spoiler alert: boom.

Crushing a hockey puck

In this gripping two-minute thriller, a biscuit teaches Lauri a valuable lesson.

Crushing bowling stuff

Come for the pin, stay for the David R. Ellis sequel you didn't know you needed.

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Sean Fitz-Gerald is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment, who now has an irrational fear of hydraulic presses. Find him on Twitter @srkfitzgerald.