Icy Balls Keep Your Drink Cold And Strong. Here's How.

You deserve the best of everything, including cocktails. Especially cocktails. So why ruin a good drink with plain ol’ ice cubes that melt before you’re done and leave you with watered down dredges that tastes kindanotreally like the drink you were sipping just 10 minutes ago?

Ice is back with a brand new invention called Glacier Ball and it's here to save your libations from a watery death. We tried it out and it’s outrageously easy to use. So stop, collaborate, and listen: you have a problem and here's how Glacier Ball can solve it.


There’s a reason the best bars use big ice cubes — they melt slower, leaving you with a drink that tastes like a drink. Glacier Ball makes it possible to mix drinks at home that aren’t so different from the ones you get at a bar.

And while plain ol’ water is easy enough to turn into ice, we say get fancy — add some fruit or mint leaves to spruce up mojitos, sangria, or punch. Or...screw the water and freeze some Kool-Aid because duh.

Keep your stiff drinks stiff. Watered down whiskey is a thing of the past (unless you like whiskey-waters, in which case, keep doin' you).
Don't be a ball hog. Make ice balls in advance, invite your friends over, and kick it like VIPs in the comfort of your own home.

Here's how it works:

Step One:
Fill your Glacier Ball with water. If you want a full sphere, fill it up almost all the way (H2O expands when it freezes, remember?).

Step Two:
Put your Glacier Ball in the freezer. Pro tip: to prevent your sphere from cracking, place the ball away from the cold air vent inside your freezer.

Step Three:
After few hours, remove your frozen crystal ball from the freezer and let it sit for 10 minutes at room temperature (this allows the ball to settle and prevents cracking).

Step Four:
Remove the top half of the mold, turn the ball upside down, loosen the bottom piece, and BOOM. Pour yourself a drink that'll stay good to the last drop (literally).