Netflix's First 'Iron Fist' Trailer Packs a Superpowered Punch

Okay, let's say that 15 years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, you mysteriously returned to New York to reclaim your birthright. People would have questions, right? Like:

  • Hey, man, why'd you wait so long to show up?
  • How did you learn all those martial arts so well?
  • Why do you keep calling yourself the "Iron Fist"?
  • Actually, your one fist is glowing -- do you have some sort of alien leprosy you want to tell us about?
  • How come it sounds like there's a rave going on whenever you fight people?
  • Did you know that Duane Reade sells shaving supplies?

In Iron Fist, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is this mystery man, and he wants you to know he'll be pouring a large cup of PUNCH in 2017. He also looks like he's not great at answering any of the above questions. Instead, when his "long-destined enemy rises," Danny just becomes the living weapon he was always meant to be and answers inquiries with his good hand.

Iron Fist hits Netflix on March 17. A few months later, Jones will pop up as Danny again alongside Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage in Marvel's team-up series The Defenders. So much punch to come.

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Sean Fitz-Gerald is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. Find him on Twitter: @srkfitzgerald.