Who Are the New Jackasses in 'Jackass Forever'?

Meet the latest crop of people ready to subject themselves to horrifying injury for laughs.

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When director Jeff Tremaine and the rest of the original Jackass cast members were searching for people to add to their ranks for Jackass Forever, coming out in theaters February 4, they weren't looking for the "craziest" daredevils, Tremaine explained in an interview with Thrillist. "I'm actually looking for people we just want to hang out with," he said. "The magic of Jackass is that you're amongst a group of friends that really love each other even when they are torturing each other. It wouldn't work to bring in the gnarliest person just because he's the gnarliest."

Like the previous Jackass movies, the crew also recruited celebrity pals for cameos, including Tony Hawk, Machine Gun Kelly, Eric Andre, Tyler, the Creator, Rob Dyrdek, and others. But, of course, the five newest Jackass inductees are still willing to do horrible things to their bodies. They get hit in the balls and slide down a lubed up ramp into a dirty mountaintop and get bit on the lip by scorpions and snakes. But they are also part of the gang, laughing along as others are subjected to various injuries and goofs. You know everyone else's names: Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Preston Lacey, Ehren McGhehy, and Dave England. Now meet the newbies.

poopies jackass forever
Poopies about to get bitten by a snake. | Paramount Pictures


Who is he? Well, here's the thing. Poopies' name is Poopies. That's actually not Poopies' real name. His name is Sean McInerny, but he goes by Poopies. I don't know if you know this, but calling someone Poopies is very funny. Poopies is actually a surfer, who has worked alongside fellow surfer Jamie O'Brien in the Who is JOB? YouTube series. He recently was bitten by a shark doing a stunt for a Jackass Shark Week special.

What's his role in Jackass Forever? The first time we see Poopies, he's lying on top of Johnny Knoxville and he rips a huge fart. That's Poopies for you. Poopies does a little bit of everything. He gets hit in the nuts, bitten by a snake, etc. His nervous energy makes him sort of the new equivalent to Danger Ehren, in that the rest of the cast seems to enjoy his pain.

Why is he called Poopies? When he was in junior high, he was watching Jackass with friends and they challenged him to poop in the middle of the street wearing a gorilla mask. He got arrested.

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Rachel Wolfson performing "Scorpion Botox." | Paramount Pictures

Rachel Wolfson

Who is she? Rachel Wolfson is a comedian, who also runs a YouTube channel about smoking weed called "The Budd." Wolfson was the only new cast member that none of the original Jackasses previously knew. "Knoxville liked her Instagram and thought she was funny," Tremaine said.

What's her role in Jackass Forever? Wolfson has the honor of being the first woman to be part of the Jackass crew. Which is awesome. Her stunts are definitely limited to the electrical shock/animal bite flavor, not the excrement, enormous bruise variety. It's an interesting position to be in. So much of Jackass's ethos revolves around seeing men get hurt: What happens when it's a woman putting herself through the ringer? If we're being completely honest, Wolfson's material definitely seems more tame—no genitalia is injured—but it's also nice having a female presence amid all the testosterone.

jackass forever jasper
Jasper, left, with Pontius and Knoxville. | Paramount Pictures

Jasper Dolphin

Who is he? Davon Wilson, aka Jasper Dolphin, is best known as a member of the rap collective Odd Future along with Tyler, the Creator, who makes a cameo in Jackass Forever. Jasper appeared in Loiter Squad, the Odd Future Adult Swim show executive produced by Jackass director Jeff Tremaine, who also produced Jasper's Viceland show Jasper & Errol's First Time.

What's his role in Jackass Forever? Jasper gets some great moments, but, frankly, he's upstaged by his dad, Dark Shark, who is one of the standouts. Dark Shark basically becomes a full-fledged member of the crew. He hangs out on the sidelines during stunts he's not in, and participates in a segment where his and Ehren's heads are attached via bubble tube with a spider inside it. Jasper slides down lubed-up hills with glee, but Dark Shark is a star.

jackass forever zach holmes
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Zach Holmes

Who is he? Zach Holmes' whole life has basically been leading to this moment. He even has the Instagram handle "zackass," and starred in MTV's quasi-Jackass reboot Too Stupid to Die.

What's his role in Jackass Forever? Zach gets beat up. He has no qualms about diving into a pile of cacti or getting an enormous wedgie alongside Wee Man and Preston Lacey.

eric manaka
Eric Manaka on a bike. | Paramount Pictures

Eric Manaka

Who is he? Like most of the other new cast members, Manaka had a history with the original Jackass crew. The British musician and skateboarder previously appeared in 2018's Action Park, the narrative feature starring and conceived by Johnny Knoxville featuring actual stunts.

What's his role in Jackass Forever? Manaka does cool skateboard and bike tricks that are then thwarted by various pranks.

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