No One Can Understand James McAvoy's Super-Thick Scottish Accent on 'SNL'

You know that joke about America and England being two countries tragically separated by a common language? Same with the other nations of the British Isles. Last night's SNL played up Glass star and Glaswegian host James McAvoy's Scottishness, starting with his opening monologue in which he revealed that, no, he's not from Regency-era London or the Bronx while wearing a kilt. Then, a few sketches in, came "Air Traffic Control," in which McAvoy laid on an accent so thick, it's difficult to believe he was speaking any language at all.

We begin with a private jet carrying Kylie Jenner's brand integration team, spinning out of control somewhere over Glasgow. Luckily, Scotland's government wasn't shut down, so their ATC was still up and running, and the hapless content manager (Mikey Day) doing his best to pilot Jenner's jet is placed into the capable hands of McAvoy's operator. If only he could understand a word McAvoy says. Something about a steak? Wendy's? Oreos? Brooms?

"I'm so sorry, your accent is very thick. Is it possible to not have it?" Day asks. Not even Kenan Thompson's branding director, whose "ears are friendly to the Scottish flavor," wants to try his hand at deciphering what McAvoy is saying. It's also worth noting that, naturally, Kate McKinnon can add another flawless accent impression to her arsenal. How does she do that?? It's a well-known fact that the Scottish accent is weird as hell. I mean, ever stumbled into Scottish Twitter

Luckily, the jet's flight path eventually takes them away from Old Caledonia and over the only country whose dialect is more impossible to understand than Scotland's: Wales. 

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