Robert De Niro Shows Up to Help Jeff Sessions Sing Goodbye in 'SNL' Cold Open

There's pretty much at least one inevitable political shakeup that provides plenty of fodder for every weekend's Saturday Night Live cold open. Kate McKinnon's rodent-like impression of former White House Attorney General Jeff Sessions has come to an end with Sessions' exit from the Trump administration earlier this week, and SNL's Sessions bid a touching, Adele-influenced goodbye to his office as he gathered his personal effects. 

He lovingly packs up his NAACP Ironic Award with his Confederate flag mug and the acorns he's been gathering for the long winter. "Oh, look at this," he says, picking up a framed piece of paper. "A letter from Coretta Scott King calling me a sumbitch." 

The Trump sons, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and even Beck Bennett's Mike Pence come to bid adieu, with Eric and Don Jr. handing Sessions a rude gesture hand turkey they made with the help of their father. Lastly, Robert De Niro as Robert Mueller stops by to pay his respects while Sessions packs his taxidermy opossum away. 

"Relax, Jeff, I just came to say thanks for all your help with the investigation," Mueller says. "Thanks? What did I do?" Sessions asks. "More than you'll ever know," Mueller answers, and gifts the ex-Attorney General, Harry Potter house elf style, with the piece of toilet paper from the heel of Trump's shoe. 

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky