Jennifer Lawrence Took Over 'Kimmel' to Ask Kim Kardashian About O.J. & Getting Naked

Is there room in the crammed late-night schedule for Jennifer Lawrence to have her own talk show? Does the Oscar-winning actress have the time? Whatever. Let's figure out how to make this happen. The 27-year-old's gonzo approach to comedian-at-desk shtick is too sublime to relegate her to prestige pictures.

On Thursday night, the Hunger Games and mother! star filled in for Jimmy Kimmel and the result was everything we love about the star -- the foul mouth, the frank personal anecdotes, the extremely-twenty-something interest in reality TV celebrities, the charm -- rolled into one hour-long circus. The highlight was an 18-minute interview with Kim Kardashian, on hand to plug a new makeup line, the interview exists mostly to realize Lawrence's dreams. Totally awkward, totally hilarious, Lawrence grilled her with burning questions for a segment that felt like the adult equivalent of a slumber party game. Selections from her notes:

"What do you think about Selena getting back with Justin?"
"Who of your sisters lost their virginity first?"
"Have you ever been cheated on?"
"What's the weirdest thing Kanye does?"
"How did you pick your surrogate and why didn't you ask me?"
"Do you ever sleep in socks?"
"Have you talked to OJ since he got out of prison?"
"Who is your craziest ex-boyfriend" (Lawrence answered for her: "KRIS HUMPHRIES!!")

Lawrence's desk-side chat is so manic that even Kardashian threw in questions, specifically one the actress-turned-host asked her during a previous encounter: "If you could save the world, Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un?" Both declined to answer.

Maybe we could get away with a Lawrence-led interview podcast, but the other segments are a case for the full-package late-night show. Watch as she takes to the street to ask people if they can name five Jennifer Lawrence movies (or heck, even one):

Then there's a monologue, ripe with Gwyneth Paltrow dissbombs and one-liners about herpes.

Give this woman a show. Now.

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Matt Patches is the Executive Entertainment Editor of Thrillist. He previously wrote for Grantland, Esquire.com, and Vulture. Find him on Twitter @misterpatches.