When a Bourbon-Filled Warehouse Gets Struck by Lighting, 'Firenados' Happen

Published On 09/04/2015 Published On 09/04/2015

Holy shit.

They say the world can change in a flash of lightning. Actually, maybe they don't -- but it sounds like something "they" would say, doesn't it? At any rate, my world was changed the second I found out what happens when a bolt of lightning strikes a bourbon-filled Jim Beam warehouse: Firenados -- the slightly less exciting cousin of the vaunted Sharknado, but certainly more thrilling alternative to the standard, non-flammable tornado (sorry Helen Hunt).

When a bolt of lightning hit this Kentucky-based warehouse, 800,000 gallons of bourbon spilled into a nearby retention pond before immediately bursting into flames, before said flames were whipped up into a 50-foot-tall inferno of fiery, alcoholic death. For something like this to happen, you need a flammable surface atop a body of water, a spark, and atmospheric conditions that can create the wind necessary to provoke a flaming twister -- so enjoy it while you can, because this may be the last firenado you'll ever see.

Fortunately, the pond contained the flames and there were no injuries. Except for all that delicious, wasted bourbon (which, coincidentally, wasn't Jim Beam Fire).

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist Media Group. He felt it only appropriate to drink his own glass of flaming bourbon while writing this. So he did. Follow him @WilFulton

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