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Comedian Jon Glaser Loves Jewish Pumpkins and Killing Paul Rudd

Comedian Jon Glaser loves gear. He loves gear so much that he's created a TV series about gear that isn't really about gear -- his hapless reality-TV-host character can work a ten-gear bike, but not so much his marriage -- and also is very much about gear, because gear is everywhere and gear is life.

At the end of scenes, Glaser will often scream "GEEEEEEAR" into a megaphone to remind us just how much he loves gear. Whenever his gear enthusiasm runs low, his A.I. pal "Geari" (a Siri alternative for gear-lovers, voiced by John Hodgman) chimes in to oil his gears. Jon Glaser really loves gear, and wanted the world to know. The name of his show: Jon Glaser Loves Gear

If Glaser's name doesn't ring a bell, you missed his Adult Swim masterpiece Delocated, his appearances on Parks and Recreation, his lengthy stint on Late Night on Conan O'Brien, and appearances on Inside Amy Schumer and Human Giant, sketch shows he also toiled away on as a writer. So maybe watch Jon Glaser Loves Gear? Just a thought. You're out of the loop, man.

"This gear show comes from a genuine place of really loving gear and all the stuff that’s involved in whatever the activity you’re doing," Glaser tells us during an afternoon of decorating pumpkins. He picks up a flawless orange gourd as an example. "Like this could even be a gear show, like, I love all the markers, and all the stuff, and I love the way the little thing attaches into the pumpkin, and then it’s a little teeny thing, but it’s not quite a nail, it’s flat, but you know, you start getting into all the details of that stuff, whatever the activity, whether it’s athletic or not, uh, and that’s really what’s at the heart of the show." 

Jon Glaser loves gear, but he also loves killing Paul Rudd on camera. "You know, it just happened in Delocated," Glaser admits, describing a scene from his masked sitcom pilot where the Anchorman actor is brutally murdered in a convenience store. "I thought would be funny, and he was thankfully game for it." Glaser repeated the trick in his Adult Swim miniseries Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter. ”I just thought it would be funny if he were killed again, and he also thought it would be funny. And then he may or may not be killed in this new show, so you will have to tune in to see."

Jon Glaser Loves Gear premiered this week on TruTV, and airs Wednesdays at 10pm. Watch Glaser and me decorate pumpkins with GEEEEAAAAR above.

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