Jon Stewart Tears into Trump in a Perfect Return to Late Night

Published On 07/22/2016 Published On 07/22/2016

My Republican father loved Jon Stewart and the no-holds-barred comedy of The Daily Show. Despite liberal leanings, a contentious relationship with Fox News, and a record of annihilating George W. Bush night after night after night, Stewart's rants kept my dear, Obama-spurning dad in stitches. He wanted the perspective. He appreciated the honesty. He adored the faces Stewart made right after the perfect 24-hour news network clip. 

My dad will be happy today. So will anyone who can relate. Last night, just minutes after Donald Trump's finale speech at the Republican National Convention, Stewart resumed his position behind a desk -- his old cohort Stephen Colbert's, specifically -- to dismantle the current political hubbub. It's a breath of fresh air.

While the segment defends President Obama from the likes of Sean Hannity, and redirects the broadcaster's complaints at Trump, Stewart's anger feels apolitical. He's begging people to cut the spin and talk real politics. His final point defends the 9/11 first responders, and the bill protecting their health that he's fought for since leaving the show. This is pure Jon Stewart, and whatever side of the line you fall one, it's also pure comedic joy. Sending to my dad ASAP, and waiting patiently for the DNC sequel.

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