What to Know About the Indoraptor, the Dino-Villain in the New 'Jurassic World'

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The T. rex is passé. In 2018 -- four Jurassic movies in, and another, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, due out June 22 -- we've been desensitized to huge, scary dinosaurs. Thus, the hivemind behind the gargantuan franchise must cook up a new kind of reptile to frighten the movie-going populace. Enter the Indoraptor, the latest genetically engineered creature designed to menace hapless humans with his extra-long talons and extra-big teeth.

Trailers have featured footage of this guy with his yellow-streaked neck creeping into a child's bedroom. What's a dinosaur doing in a house? Well, that's for you to find out on June 22. For now, here are some details on the new dino-foe.

So, what's it made of? The Indominus rex, for one.

If you'll recall, the first Jurassic World also featured some foolish people playing god to invent a new monster: In that case, it was the Indominus rex. The Indominus, may it rest in peace, was a vicious beast with a Tyrannosaurus rex "base genome," as Bryce Dallas Howard's park employee Claire explains, and a whole bunch of other DNA mixed up in there. According to the official site for the fictional (but still closed) theme park, the Indominus' lineage can be traced through the IRL Abelisaurus, which had a similar head. Anyway, the Indominus gets loose, creates havoc, and is ultimately killed by a deus ex Mosasaurus. Somehow, the nefarious entities at work in the sequel recover enough of it to use it as a base for another bloodthirsty mutant. The Indoraptor has inherited its predecessor's flat, feathered noggin.

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But it's also -- obviously -- got some Velociraptor DNA

As his name implies, the Indoraptor is a combination of the aforementioned Indominus and a reliably slight and vicious Velociraptor. Once again it's good to remember a premise established in the 2015 movie: Raptors in this version of events can be trained, and some people want to abuse that training. Chris Pratt's bro-y hero, Owen Grady, made habit of bonding with the prehistoric litter in his charge, and developed a special connection with one named "Blue." Meanwhile, Vincent D'Onofrio's cocky security honcho had the thoroughly ridiculous idea to use them as arsenal in a war zone. Just before he gets brutally mauled -- a classic Jurassic Park trope -- he tells Owen and Claire a bit about future plans to militarize prehistory.

It's a Dr. Henry Wu creation

When we met B.D. Wong's Henry way back in 1993, he was just a guy who seemed pretty confident in Jurassic Park's policy of breeding only female dinosaurs. In the passing years he has become a full-on mad scientist, developing not only the Indominus, but now the Indoraptor.

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It's a boy!!!

Gender is a social construct but it still holds some weight in the Jurassic-verse, considering the way somefans get worked up over a reveal. So, yeah, Wu's totally given up on the idea of female-only dinosaurs. Press notes confirm that the Indoraptor is indeed a "he."

It's not exactly level-headed

So you expected everything would go as planned and this would be an obedient pet that could also murder someone at a moment's notice? Have you seen a Jurassic Park movie? Of course that's not going to happen. But the Indoraptor is apparently especially "unhinged," the movie's VFX supervisor David Vickery said in an interview with Empire, explaining they modeled its eyes on a "a black-and-white photo of a shellshocked soldier from World War I." Vickery added in film's official materials: "There's things wrong with his brain; he's got ticks and twitches and is completely unpredictable." Riddle me this, however: When has a dino ever been predictable except when it's predictably eating someone?

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