'Being Vaccinated Does Not Mean' You Should Reenact the Plot of Your Favorite Movie

This Twitter meme makes the case for acting reasonable, even after you're fully vaccinated.

Have you gotten your vaccine shot(s) yet? If you haven't, there are plenty of incentives to book that first appointment beyond, y'know, substantially decreasing the transmission and hospitalization rates of covid-19 cases: Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut if you show off your vaccine card; the you can travel domestically, according to the CDC; and beautiful Croatia will let you into the country without having to isolate for 14 days. 

But just because you're vaxxed up doesn't mean you should stop washing your hands or wearing masks—especially if you're planning to hop on a metal germ tube to fly from NYC to LA or spending two hours in a theater to watch a movie you've been really excited to see—or refrain from social distancing, especially around those still waiting to get their shot, until covid rates have stabilized and we've achieved widespread vaccination on the path to herd immunity. 

All throughout this whole terrible worldwide shutdown, some people have been real scolds about others who don't stick to The Rules of the pandemic, chastizing anyone who steps a single foot outside in order to go to a job they cannot do remotely (say, healthcare and restaurant workers) or to buy groceries. Sure, there are plenty who have acted flagrantly idiotic, including governors who've recalled mask mandates far too soon, but by and large, the complaints have come from a privileged place that ignores the reality of how society functions and who's been delivering the toilet paper they bought in bulk off of Amazon.

Since more and more people have received their shots, the same rule mongers of Twitter have transitioned to shaming vaccinated people for going about their business, positing this further delays our collective "return to normal." Look no further than a tweet from scholar and YA author Crystal Fleming sent in early April that pled for fully vaccinated people to reign it in as the weather improves. "Please don’t think being fully vaxxed is a license to go buck wild this summer. With that mentality, we’ll never get out of this mess. Delayed gratification, y’all. Yes, things will gradually improve but if we’re lucky, getting vaxxed now *might* save the summer of 2022..." She's not wrong—being vaccinated definitely does not give you carte blanche to go freakin' nuts—but the tweet caught enough attention to spur a phrasal meme about things you shan't do, even if you're vaccinated, lifted straight from fiction, starting with this viral tweet about the plot of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

The tweets spiraled from there, picking up steam last week. Please guess the piece of entertainment referenced in each tweet, which I will reveal at the end of this blog!

Well? Did you get them all??? With no further delay, here is the answer key: MoonlightThe Lizzie McGuire MovieWandaVisionMamma Mia!The Great Gatsby (good one, Spark Notes), Clue, Forgetting Sarah MarshallCall Me By Your Name (the movie, not the Lil Nas X song), Y Tu Mamá También, and The Parent Trap.

Good guessing and tweets, everyone! Now, go find a vaccine appointment near you, if you haven't already. And for god's sake, please don't do this to the person giving you your shot:

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Leanne Butkovic is a half-vaxxed entertainment editor at Thrillist.