Justin Bieber Fell Through a Trapdoor and the Internet Was All Over It

Published On 06/17/2016 Published On 06/17/2016
Justin Bieber, Fall
Def Jam

Not all videos of celebrities falling down are created equal, but this new one of Justin Bieber taking a spill during the Saskatoon, Canada stop of his Purpose tour is beautiful. It's got suspense, layers of clothing, shaky cinematography, and, of course, the coloring book king of Instagram falling down.

There are three stages to enjoying a video of a celebrity falling down. First, there's excitement. "Oh shit," you say, "I would like to see a video of Kelsey Grammer tumbling off a stage." Then fear strikes: is this famous person ok? After you watch the video and conclude the injured party is only embarrassed, you can move onto the final stage: joy. Don't believe me? Watch the damn thing yourself.


That felt good, right? You are smiling. You do not wish violence upon Justin Bieber, but you do feel a small, dark fire burning in your heart. It's OK. Feed the fire. Watch the fall from another angle.


Now you are laughing. Perhaps you feel guilt -- do not worry. Bieber falls for you. He falls with Purpose.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and he has never fallen down before in his whole life. He's on Twitter: @danielvjackson.



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