Watch Kanye West Nail His Audition For 'American Idol'

It's tough to get noticed in today's crowded pop music economy. So one of our nation's biggest stars took drastic measures: auditioning for American Idol. Or, at least, that's the premise of this playful new video starring the reliably controversial, but in this case fairly sweet, Kanye West.

In the clip, a bashful Yeezus introduces himself as "originally a producer" from the South Side of Chicago who nobody ever believed in. He proceeds to wow the judges with a fun, a cappella take on his Jennifer Lopez-referencing hit "Gold Digger." American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez approves. 

Hints of Kanye's audition surfaced two months ago when Kim Kardashian posted clips from the performance on her Instagram account. The full clip, which was released yesterday to promote the show's final season premiere on Wednesday, is pretty charming -- or at least a lot more enjoyable than the disappointing surprise track that he dropped on New Year's Eve. Stick to the classics, Kanye! 

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer for Thrillist and he still thinks about Kanye's last verse on "Gone" a lot. Find him on Twitter @danielvjackson.