Watch Keanu Reeves Scream Jokes Written By 6-Year-Olds

Some would criticize Jimmy Fallon's celebrity-filled comedy sketches as being low-brow and shooting for the broadest, safest audience possible. His latest bit transcends the haters -- this time, he just hired preschoolers to write his shtick.

In "Kid Stand-Up," Fallon, Girls producer Judd Apatow, and John Wick: Chapter 2 star Keanu Reeves take to a classic brick wall comedy stage for a series of short stand-up sets. The twist: all of their material is written by children. For a taste of the jokes:

"How do you make a moose float?" asks Apatow. "Two scoops of ice cream, root beer, and one moose."

Coming out of the mouths of adults, it's priceless, and Reeves gets the strangest punchlines. Warning: his coked up, erratic take on stand-up comedy may make you spit take. Watch the full sketch above, which ends with joke about dead koala bears. Kids these days!

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Matt Patches is Thrillist’s Entertainment Editor. He previously wrote for Grantland, Esquire.com, and Vulture. Find him on Twitter @misterpatches.