Hear Kristen Stewart Drop an Accidental F-Bomb During Her 'SNL' Opening

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If you saw Aziz Ansari's latest stint as the host of Saturday Night Live, you'd probably agree with me in thinking Kristen Stewart had big shoes to fill this weekend.

She did. But the Personal Shopper star nailed her job, starting the night by sharing the recipe for a great opening monologue: First, pore over handful of weird tweets that show how obsessed the current President of the United States is with you and your ex-boyfriend. Next, pretend to be too cool for school, but quickly get excited by the fact that you're hosting Saturday Night Live. Finally, say "fuck" on television.

Stewart quipped that she wouldn't be returning as a host anytime soon, but she quickly bounced back from the flub, appearing in a meet-cute sketch gone awry, a romantic Totinos ad, and a Super Bowl edition of Celebrity Family Feud, in which she played Gisele Bündchen:

Like she said, it ended up being the coolest fucking thing ever.

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