Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon Are Dirty Cat Ladies in Kooky 'SNL' Sketch

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Kristen Wiig may have been the highly anticipated host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, but the furry extras in "Whiskers R We" nearly stole the show.

In the sketch above, Wiig reunites with her former SNL co-star -- and fellow Ghostbuster -- Kate McKinnon to play Barbara and Furonica, a pair of very friendly cat ladies with plenty of kitten puns handy. While the ladies start out offering Hallmark-precious wisdom ("A cat is a pillow that loves you back!"), they quickly sharpen their claws to diss that one "asswipe" kitten who voted for Jill Stein and look back fondly on a great weekend of butthole-licking.

Not even those ridiculous braces can hide Wiig's stifled laugher when McKinnon cracks her up. For more cat quips and a very bizarre Bobby Moynihan cameo, be sure to watch the whole thing -- and be wary of Pearl.

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Lauren Leibowitz is an editor for Thrillist Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @lleibowitzz.