You can now own a mech

Anime fans have long dreamed of climbing into a real life Gundam, but as they desperately flail for the wallets in their ankle-bound pants whilst hanging from a locker, you can beat them to the punch by shelling out $1.4 million for the almighty KURATAS!Weighing in at just under 5 tons and towering 13ft in the air, this four-wheeled behemoth of mechanized mayhem has 30 hydraulic joints that facilitate seamless movement, and can fit a full-sized human in its torso cockpit, where they can control the leviathan via joysticks and motion sensors. Should you have an irrational fear of climbing inside 10000 pounds of metal that "doesn't guarantee your safety and comfort" (but does "make your dream of becoming a robot pilot come true"), you can control it from the outside via an iPhone 3G, meaning the large overlapping segment of people with $1.4 million death robots and first-generation iPhones can breathe a sigh of relief.And as for weapons, well... it has them, including a forearm-based carbon shield, a claw hand dubbed the Iron Crow, a shoulder-strapped launcher that purportedly shoots bottle rockets, and BB-firing Gatling guns that can rip off 6000 rounds per minute, and are activated when you smile, so basically all the time, because you're inside of a huge friggin' robot.