Larry David's Best 'SNL' Moment: 'Can a Bitch Get a Donut?'


If you somehow haven't learned from the zillion articles and social-media posts on this topic, Larry David hosted Saturday Night Live last night and altered the Curb Your Enthusiasm concept to fit his Bernie Sanders impression.

But while Bern Your Enthusiasm was inspired, the sketch that preceded it contained the funniest moment of the episode: Larry David -- rocking a gaudy suit, BluBlockers, and a flava sava to play Kevin Roberts, the obnoxious designer of a confusing FBI training simulator -- asking that most burning of questions: "Can a bitch get a donut?"

Here it is, along with a few other choice sketches below (including the exact kind of opening monologue you'd expect from David, and a semi-humorous "Weekend Update" guest appearance by Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller as their Zoolander characters). After you watch, go get yourself a donut, and then start assembing your Kevin Roberts Halloween costume now, while supplies of loud orange suits last.