Leah Remini Confesses More 'Heartbreaking' Scientology Stories

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"I have to stop calling it a church," Scientology defector Leah Remini reminded herself in an interview on Conan last night. The ex-member, memoirist, and current host of A&E docuseries Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath stopped by to share more tragic tales of the emotional manipulation the "organization" inspires.

To start, Conan O'Brien tells us that Scientology officials actively discouraged his show from inviting Remini on -- a sentiment that shocks her not at all. Remini reveals that every talk show to host her has received similar letters, and the church has lobbed smear websites and accusations of fame-seeking at her.

Throughout the 10-minute-plus interview, Remini recalls shady stories about high-ranking Scientology officials, explains the psychology of why a member wouldn't believe the worst about her religion, and freely drops the C-bomb ("cult").

Why isn't Scientology fighting back against Remini and her own show, then? "You're damn right theyre not suing me, because they know the truth, and they know that what we are saying is the truth," she insists. "If anyone was lying, this organization, believe me, would sue us."

"Every aspect of this is heartbreaking," Remini says of producing Scientology and the Aftermath. "It's not a fun thing to do .. this is a very dangerous and damaging cult."

For more info of how Scientology affects its members, watch the full interview above, stream Remini's show on AETV.com, and check out our story on the scary things other celebrities have done for the sake of the organization.

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