Louie Anderson Took Us to Costco

Published On 02/18/2016 Published On 02/18/2016
Louie Anderson, Baskets, in Las Vegas
Mona Shield Payne/Thrillist
Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets | Frank Ockenfels/FX
Ben Cohen/FX
Mona Shield Payne/Thrillist

"When you put a wig on that makes you instantly a woman, you just go, 'Huh.'"

Ben Cohen/FX

"If I didn't have my hat on, people would be talking to me," Louie says. "Isn't it funny what a hat will do?"

Louie Anderson/YouTube

"You know, I heard you can buy caskets here," Louie says. "That's really weird."

Mona Shield Payne/Thrillist



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