'Love, Death + Robots' Season 2 Trailer Brings Back Netflix's Best Anthology Series

Love, death, AND robots? In THIS economy??

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If you're a fan of gorgeous animation, science fiction stories, and anthology series, you've probably already caught the first season of Netflix's Love, Death + Robots—and if you're a fan of those things and haven't watched the show yet, get off the computer right this instant and go watch it. The first season, which was produced by David Fincher, brought a number of sci-fi tales to life in a series of short films, each featuring at least one of the things in the series' title, and sometimes all three. Fans of the show immediately wanted more, and Netflix was happy to oblige, releasing the first trailer for Season 2 today (and confirming a third season in 2022). 

Love, Death + Robots began as a second sequel to cult classic Heavy Metal, a 1981 adult animation anthology film whose general vibe and stories were based on the sci-fi magazine of the same name, but for various reasons took on a different title in its current form. The show is a celebration of all types of animation, from hand-drawn to stop-motion CGI to mo-cap and everything in between, with no two installments looking exactly the same. Two of the best episodes of the first season, "Sonnie's Edge" and "Zima Blue," couldn't feel more different. And because it's firmly adult animation, it can and will get as gross and NSFW as it wants to. 

Love, Death + Robots Vol. 2 hits Netflix May 14. 

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