Everything the 'Lovecraft Country' Finale Could Set Up for Season 2

Will there be another season of HBO's spookiest show?


If you tore through HBO's Lovecraft Country, were a huge fan of Mark Ruff's book, or both, you're probably wondering if there's more adventure and horror lurking around the corner from the Sons of Adam's least favorite family. For Atticus, Ruby, and Christina Braithwhite, the journey has ended (or has it??), but for the rest of the Freemans, it appears things are just getting started. Showrunner Misha Green has said that "nothing's official" but that she and HBO are certainly talking about a Season 2. So, what could Season 2 be about? What could be next for the Freeman family? We have some theories. 


Diana and her Shoggoth

One of the coolest moments of Lovecraft Country's Season 1 finale was Diana Freeman meeting the good-guy Shoggoth that guards the Braithwhite estate and was called by Atticus and Montrose's protection spell in Episode 8. Evidently, that spell extends to other members of the family too, which means that Diana now has her own personal nightmare-fuel bodyguard. Let's not forget that Hippolyta and her genius managed to replace Diana's cursed dead arm with a mechanical Imperator Furiosa one. If Diana becomes the main protagonist of the rest of the series, we certainly wouldn't be mad. 


Hippolyta and her wormhole powers

After bending time and space to save her family (and getting a cool new hair color in the process), Hippolyta and her time-travel powers are a force to be reckoned with. Not only can she make the time machine work, she also has the power and know-how to choose which dimensions and planets she can send people to. In Matt Ruff's novel, Hippolyta's chapter sends her to a desolate planet populated by one of the marooned former servants of Hiram Winthrop (the former owner of Leti's haunted house), who lives alone in a house near a beach menaced by a giant sea monster. 


Letitia and baby George

One of the more meta aspects of the first season involved Atticus traveling to the future and finding out that, not only did he have a son with Leti, but that son, named George, published a book called Lovecraft Country which told the story of the family's adventures, allowing Atticus to foresee his own death. George's book could hold plenty more secrets for the Freeman family, and could also act as proof of the possibility of parallel universes, where things don't always happen in the same way. Who knows—Atticus could even come back in some shape or form. 


Ji-Ah and her witch's prophecy

One of the purely original aspects of the show was Ji-Ah, a nursing student in Korea who met Atticus during the war and is possessed by a kumiho spirit, which forces her to kill 100 men in order to be free again. It's implied that the character we know as Ji-Ah is the kumiho spirit, and that once she kills her final man she'll return to the dark realm she was summoned from, and the human Ji-Ah will be a different person. The witch who summoned the spirit into her body told her she'll see many more people die before she's released, which probably means that the kumiho spirit we know as Ji-Ah is sticking around for the time being. 

White people can't use magic anymore

One of the effects of Leti's spell in the finale that she learned from Atticus' ancestors Hanna and Hattie is that all white people are now cut off from the magic they have used to terrorize everyone else in the world for centuries—meaning, only people of color are able to channel it. The implications of this are hard to predict, but hopefully it means that use of magic is a much more nonviolent endeavor from now on. In Ruff's book, there are a bunch of other chapters of the creepy Braithwhite Illuminati sect, who probably will not be pleased to find out that none of their spells are working anymore. The Freemans going head-to-head with a bunch of ex-wizards could be interesting in the future.

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Emma Stefansky is a staff entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @stefabsky.