'Lucifer' Is Back for Season 5 on Netflix and He's Making a Real Mess

Does he seem different to you?

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After making his big return to the throne of Hell at the end of the last season, it seemed Lucifer's stint slumming it on Earth and solving crimes with the LAPD had ended. But everything happens in circles, and our favorite fallen angel was bound to claw his way back up here at some point. Except, this time, he seems a little bit different. The new trailer for Lucifer Season 5, debuting in August on Netflix, ought to come with a big fat spoiler warning, as it not-so-secretly introduces one of the most famous figures of the Bible and plops him right down in our heroes' path. 

Here's the situation: the Lucifer we see in the beginning of Season 5 isn't Lucifer at all, but his twin brother, the archangel Michael, who has come down to Earth to wreak a little havoc on his hated sibling's found family. He plays the part well, wearing the pocket squares and cozying up with Chloe just like the real Lucifer would -- but something seems off. Michael plans to "take" Lucifer's life on Earth, to what end we don't know yet, but if he gets his way, it looks like all of Lucifer's buddies, human and demon, are gonna be in danger. That forever-teased Lucifer-vs-Michael showdown though? Can't wait.

After Fox's initial cancellation of the show, Netflix picked it up for a fourth season, and then renewed it for a fifth and sixth. The first half of Lucifer Season 5 (eight episodes) debuts on Netflix August 21.

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