Third Eye Blind wants to play a private show for you

Celebrities are in a unique position to raise money for charity, or in the case of Mike Myers during that Katrina telethon, at least an awkward one. Leveraging that fact: Luminary Lane, a new website enabling famous peeps to sell off personal items and "VIP experiences" to benefit the causes they care about (none of which are "you").Each celeb on LL's very-limited-but-soon-growing roster offers up goods & experiences for a fixed price, from Shakira (a backstage meet & greet, a gown from one of her videos you can wear to freak out Shakira during a backstage meet & greet...), to Third Eye Blind's Stephen Jenkins, who's down to perform a private show, or, if your bank account is only semi-charmed, just write on your Facebook wall.And if you're looking for something extra special, they also accept bids for a custom "dream experience", but not the kind that Mike Myers thought he was having with Kanye.