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Matthew McConaughey Watching the Olympics Is As Good As the Olympics

matthew mcconaughey camila alves rio olympics
Jean Catuffe/Getty Images

Oscar winner, Lincoln driver, and Wild Turkey creative director Matthew McConaughey has a new hobby: benchwarming. The True Detective star is currently hanging out on the sidelines at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, supporting his wife Camila Alves' new gig as E! News' Lifestyle Correspondent, and giving the athletes a run for the spotlight. 

McConaughey's best photo-op to date was with none other than the 22-gold-medal-bearing Michael Phelps. This time, McConaughey kept his shirt on

And it was inevitable: McConaughey met up with Olympic superfan Leslie Jones Thursday night, with the gruesome twosome recording one of Jones' legendary video selfies:

Earlier in the Games, McConaughey checked out the men's swimming finals all by his lonesome, then danced around the bleachers in order to adequately rep Team USA. Later, he made the acquaintance of rugby player Jillion Potter. Olympic Late Night show host Ryan Seacrest caught the new friends in a playful tussle.

Thanks, McConaughey, for making these Games a helluva lot more compelling than Free State of Jones.

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