Matthew McConaughey Went Door-to-Door and Surprised People with 4,500 Turkeys

Like most actors, Matthew McConaughey has starred in his fair share of turkeys -- but now he's giving them away. Last year, the Texas-born movie star hooked up with the Kentucky-based bourbon company Wild Turkey to become the brand's first "chief storyteller," and it felt like he might star in a few ads, show up at a handful of events, and enjoy a lifetime supply of booze. After all, the guy has blockbusters to make and bongos to play.

But, as the video above shows, the endlessly charming Dazed and Confused star is also committed to giving back to the community of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, the home of the Wild Turkey distillery. How exactly does he do that? By climbing behind wheel of a truck and schlepping from door-to-door on a quiet, overcast morning to deliver a frozen bird to every household in the county. What a swell guy, right? At the very least, it's a better gift than dropping off 4,500 copies of Gold on Blu-ray.

Judging from the ad, the citizens of Lawrenceburg were pretty psyched to see Rust Chole himself pop up on their front porches holding some poultry offerings from the Yellow King. "You're just awesome," says one woman who greets the actor outside with her dog. He even stops by a wedding party at one point and surprises a bride. (Sadly, no Magic Mike jokes are made.)

According to the text at the end of the video, 580 turkeys were also given to the local food banks and nursing home, along with another 50,000 meals donated through Share Our Strength to families in need. The ad doesn't specify if bourbon was part of those meals, but, either way, it seems like McConaughey and his Wild Turkey friends did alright alright alright with this one.

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.