Matthew McConaughey Throws One Hell of a Bourbon-Drinking Party

Whether he's cheering for the U.S. Olympians or creative-directing a Wild Turkey campaign, Matthew McConaughey does not half-ass things. So it's no surprise that the Oscar-winning actor and armchair philosopher's new commercial for the Kentucky bourbon brand lives up to its "wild" name.

McConaughey took his "chief storyteller" duties seriously, and handpicked the New Orleans-based Hot 8 Brass Band that soundtracks the 30-second spot, which you can watch above. The ad nods to Wild Turkey's history as an active distillery throughout Prohibition and beyond.  Collaborating with Wild Turkey master distillers Jimmy and Eddie Russell, McConaughey also worked on a six-minute documentary about the bourbon's Kentucky legacy last month, which you can watch below.

With any luck, this spirited spirits campaign ought to net more than the paltry $2,700 McConaughey's last movie did. If not, as he says in the Wild Turkey doc, "If this doesn't work, we're gonna be stuck with a whole hell of a lot of bourbon. And there's worse things to be stuck with."

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Lauren Leibowitz is an editor at Thrillist Entertainment, and her bourbon-drinking parties are far less glamorous. Find her on Twitter @lleibowitzz.