Getaway Guide: Extras you shouldn't forget


Packing for a getaway is a pain. Whether you stuff the basics in a bag and leave late for the airport or plan your suitcase days in advance, when you unpack you never have the things you want and need most. In fact, you never had these essential extras in the first place, and you definitely don't want to buy any at the airport. We collected the necessary travel extras into one, non-airport-priced place to guarantee you're always well-equipped on the road. Grab this gear now so you don’t leave it behind next time you skip town. 

Folding shades are like Transformers that protect your retinas.
7hrs of playtime and 30ft of wireless range make you the most popular guy at the pool.
Multiple compartments — take a big toothpaste tube this time.
We dare you to invent something more useful than this.

The gear in this collection is small in size but big on usefulness: keep your shoes in shape with a TSA-friendly kit from Jason Markk ($11), or drown out the baby in seat 12D with some Micro Blaster earbuds ($55).

Easy access to cash, little to no pocket bulge.
A tweed-trimmed, deluxe manicure set. Even a traveling gentleman grooms well.
Sharp design and a sharper blade keep your face smooth for a night out.
Instagram-worthy snapshots that you can hold in your hand, #nofilter required.