These Unboxing Videos Have an Ungodly Amount of Views

best unboxing videos

Unboxing videos -- or, clips of people opening toys -- occupy a lucrative corner of the internet. Yes, really.

Though some users hate the family-friendly uploads with a passion ("the cancer of YouTube!"), astronomical view counts tell a story of addiction and vicarious thrills. What's the appeal? As a psychologist explained to mental_floss, "the human brain is wired to be curious," and these types of vids often blend surprise with a child's wildest obsessions. "[Children] absolutely watch the videos of adults playing with toys more than the media the toys are drawn from," one parent told Select All. "We had to convince [our kids] to watch Big Hero 6 after seeing the toys all over the YouTube feed." Some vids even attract more eyeballs than Sesame Street. No wonder analysts are calling them the future of toy commercials.

In a nod to this mesmerizing and peculiar practice, we've collected some of YouTube's most-watched unboxing gems (along with their insanely high view counts). Enjoy?

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Surprise Eggs unboxing toys/YouTube

"Play Doh Ice cream cupcakes playset playdough by Unboxingsurpriseegg"

Views: 838.9 million
Some of these Play-Doh desserts look good enough to eat! Except the turdcake at 18:00. Do not eat.

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"Super Giant Golden Surprise Egg - Spiderman Egg Toys Opening + 3 Kinder Surprise Eggs Unboxing"

Views: 314.4 million
Oooooooh, what kind of animal lays an egg full of action figures and play sets? Very interested to see how parents explain this.

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CKN Toys/YouTube

"Unboxing New Spiderman Battery-Powered Ride On Super Car 6V Test Drive Park Playtime Fun Ckn Toys"

Views: 198.4 million
Does scissor-door enthusiast Russ Hanneman know about this whip? Please notify.

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"SURPRISE TOYS GIANT BALLOON DROP POP CHALLENGE ✪ Huge Surprise Toys Video Frozen DisneyCarToys"

Views: 183.4 million
When superheroes retire, they amuse children by popping treasure-filled balloons. A different kind of danger.

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FluffyJet Toys/YouTube

"30 Surprise Eggs!! Play Doh Kinder Disney Cars Ice-Cream SpongeBob Angry Birds Super Mario Peppa Pig"

Views: 165.4 million
As you've seen, not every unboxing video starts with a box. Sometimes the toys hide in... Play-Doh rocks! This video also comes with hyperactive Muzak, aka my new ringtone.

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Toy Genie Surprises/YouTube

"Mickey Mouse Club House Pez Dispensers with Minnie Mouse and More"

Views: 96.4 million
From the mellifluous mad scientist that brought you "Cutting Open Boss Baby What's Inside His Belly," it's "Mickey Mouse Club House Pez Dispensers with Minnie Mouse and More!"

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DCTC Toy Channel/YouTube

"Play Doh Plankton Spongebob Squarepants Imaginext Playset Toys Super Unboxing - Disney Cars Toy Club"

Views: 70.3 million
Warning: Mighty Max flashback zone. (Also, trick shot alert at 13:40. Your move, Dude Perfect.)

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"HOT WHEELS CAR MAKER Playset Review & Demo"

Views: 32.4 million
When will George Miller do his Happy Feet-Hot Wheels crossover? The time is now.

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Blu Toys Club Surprise/YouTube

"Cars 2 Silver Lightning McQueen Racer Surprise Eggs Disney Pixar Zaini Silver Racers by ToyCollector"

Views: 17.1 million
This chocolate better not be going to waste, Blu Toys Club Surprise.

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DuckDuck Kids TV Official/YouTube

"Learn Colors with Surprise Eggs Prank 3D for Kids Toddlers Color Balls Smiley Face"

Views: 11.3 million
No matter what you think about these vids at this point, Batman saying "Hi!" at the 30-second mark is the best thing you'll see all week. Guaranteed.

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Toy Genie Surprises/YouTube

"Paw Patrol Diving for Squishy Cutting Toys"

Views: 5.7 million
Turns out Toy Story's Sid permanently corrupted his sister.

Note: View counts above are estimates from April 2017.

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