Even the Actors on 'Mr. Robot' Have No Idea What Happened Last Season

mr. robot christian slater rami malek

Are you totally confused about what happened during the first season of Mr. Robot? Well, you're not alone: even the series' principal cast is stumped about it.

The actors of the mind-bending hacker drama, which returns for Season 2 on USA July 13th, assembled at the Vulture Festival this weekend, where Rami Malek (Elliot), Christian Slater (Mr. Robot), Carly Chaikin (Darlene), and Portia Doubleday (Angela) revealed just how in-the-dark showrunner Sam Esmail keeps them about the plot. Doubleday admitted, "Sometimes I have to Wikipedia our own show to figure out what's going on... this season there's a couple places where I'm like, 'Wait, when did that happen?' I actually had to research it to figure it out... I actually had to look it up."

Chaikin, too, could relate to feeling clueless about her character. She recalled, "How many times during the last season would we be like, 'What? This doesn't make sense! I don't wanna do that!' and, like, argue about it" -- Malek chimed in: "and then you'd realize" -- "OK, [he's] right," Chaikin agreed. "Because [Esmail] knew everything, where we were going, and we didn't."

As Slater attested, their all-seeing showrunner, who was tied up with editing Season 2 during the panel, always has a good reason for keeping actors in the dark. "It's nice to be in the hands of somebody you absolutely trust," Slater said. "There's a reason for each and every thing we end up doing and saying... he's thought it all the way through, and if you pull on one thread, it'll just unravel."

Unfortunately, the gang shared next to nothing about the upcoming season, but hey -- that's probably because they have no idea what's going on. In the meantime, we'll brush up on all the Season 1 details on Wikipedia.

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