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Netflix Knows the Exact Moment Your Favorite Show Got You Hooked

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'Master of None' | Netflix
'Master of None' | Netflix

Your bingeing habits, your viewing history, your billing information: at this point, Netflix knows more about you than your own mother. Considering how much time we spend streaming its video, it was only a matter of time before it figured out what motivates you to watch your favorite shows from start to finish.

A new analysis reveals the exact episodes that got you hooked on your favorite TV shows -- aka the points of no return. Netflix defines a hooked viewer as a subscriber who watched a certain number of episodes of a show and then streamed it through the end of its first season. Here's a visual breakdown of the moments that got you to commit.

netflix hooked streaming data

How the heck did it figure this out? Netflix analyzed streaming data on 30 series from viewers around the globe to pinpoint the episode that seemed to compel at least 70% of viewers to finish the entire season.

It's pretty fun to take a closer look at the moments that may have cemented fans' commitment: for example, Stranger Things' second ep cruelly snatched Barb from us; Gilmore Girls fans fell in love with Rory's first kiss. Some parts of the data are more eyebrow-raising than others. Did the people who plowed through three hours of The Get Down really make it to the bitter end? Of course, some of this is attributable to junk science: it's far easier to reach the finish line on a six-episode series than it is for a 22-episode season, and simply finishing the first season of a show tells us nothing about whether that viewer kept cranking through subsequent seasons. But still: interesting!

What's next, Netflix? A survey revealing when the majority of viewers pause for bathroom breaks? Actually, that might be pretty useful information.

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