Netflix Original Movies and Shows Coming in 2021

So many shows and movies are heading our way this year. We're tracking all the premiere dates here.

victoria pedretti and penn badgley in you season 3

Netflix never stops. The streaming service has never been in the business of "less is more"—instead favoring pumping out original series, movies, and documentaries by the dozen—and 2021 is no different. A not insignificant number of movies, as well as new and returning series, are slated for a 2021 premiere, and many more will inevitably be on the way. 

Its model of cracking out releases, on top of licensing popular shows and movies, has its flaws, since not everything can be an Emmy or an Oscar contender (see duds like The Last Days of American Crime or hate-watches like Emily in Paris), but it does pull impressive talents to the streamer (David Fincher! Spike Lee! Shonda Rhimes!) which allows for more than a few binge-worthy gems (including The Queen's Gambit) to find a massive audience. Here's a regularly updated list of what to look out for on Netflix in 2021, from true-crime docuseries to highly anticipated movies, so you know what to add to your queue. 


The Chestnut Man

New series. If you're into eerie Scandinavian mysteries, this might just be your new obsession. The series is based on an acclaimed book from The Killing writer Søren Sveistrup, focusing on the puzzling investigation into the murder of a young woman, who was found on a playground with the only clue of a doll made of chestnuts next to her.
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New movie. Rom-com fans already know how this story goes. The French film follows a romantic young man who thinks he meets the woman of his dreams… if only she can see him as more than a friend.
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Season 10: Part 1. Steven Rinella's nature/cooking show returns, finding the game hunter exploring the Rockies, Ozarks, North Carolina, and even Hawaii for new delicacies.

Cristina Rodlo in no one gets out alive
'No One Gets Out Alive' | Netflix

No One Gets Out Alive

New movie. You know this one's got to be creepy based on that title alone. Based on Adam Nevill's horror novel, the movie follows a young immigrant woman who grew up in poverty and is pleasantly surprised to find a nice apartment she can afford—but not so pleased when she discovers how dangerous the place truly is.
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Sounds Like Love

New movie. A Spanish rom-com about a fashion assistant who's world is turned upside down when the ex who broke her heart moves back to Madrid, causing her to reflect on their relationship and lean on her friends for support.
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Love 101

Season 2. The Istanbul-originated teen series is back for more coming-of-age awkwardness.
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Luna Park

New series. Set in '60s Rome, this romance drama follows the relationship that unfolds between two women from different backgrounds—one who was raised in a carnival and one from a wealthy background.
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Diana: The Musical

New movie. It's going to be a good next few months for Princess Diana obsessives. Not only is the Kristen Stewart-starring movie Spencer coming out, and eventually a new season of The Crown, there's… this musical. It's actually footage of a new Broadway stage show about the royal's life.
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jake gyllenhaal in the guilty
'The Guilty' | Netflix

The Guilty

New movie. True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is bringing his twisty procedural writing talents to the big screen in this English-language adaptation of a popular Danish film of the same name. Jake Gyllenhaal leads the cast, playing a police officer demoted to desk duty who feels conflicted when he receives a 9-1-1 call from a kidnapped woman.


New series. Based on the best-selling memoir from Stephanie Land, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother’s Will to Survive, Margaret Qualley stars in this drama as a young single mother who leaves an abusive relationship and takes a job as a maid to provide for herself and her daughter. Qualley's real-life mother Andie MacDowell is also among the cast, as is Nick Robinson.
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Paik's Spirit

New reality series. Paik Jong-won, who is a major restaurateur and personality in the food world in Korea, is getting his own talk show for Netflix. In Paik's Spirit, he sits down with other Korean celebrities to talk about the cultural significance of wine and spirits in Korean culture and share their own stories about drinking and life.
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The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

New anime. This film set in the world of The Seven Deadly Sins anime takes place towards the end of the fourth and final season, set after the Holy War when Meliodas and co. are about to live in peace, but yet another evil force threatens life as they know it.
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on my block final season, on my block season 4
'On My Block' Season 4 | Netflix

On My Block

Season 4. It's time to say goodbye to one of Netflix's best teen series. On My Block is wrapping up with a fourth and final season that finds Ruby, Jamal, Monse, and Cesar two years after the events of Season 3.
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Escape The Undertaker

New interactive movie. This Halloween special is a lot of things. Not only is it interactive, it's one big WWE Superstar smackdown. The general premise is that WWE star The Undertaker invites the wrestling team The New Day over to his new place, which, unbeknownst to The New Day boys, is haunted. It's the ultimate journey through a haunted house as he has them put up to supernatural challenges, which viewers navigate choose-your-own-adventure style.
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Bad Sport

New docuseries. If you wished Netflix's UNTOLD docuseries had more episodes—particularly the ones about crime—you're in luck because another sports docuseries about exactly that is on the way. Bad Sport looks at six stranger-than-fiction instance of crime in major league, Olympic, and university-level sports.
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Baking Impossible

New reality series. There's definitely a lot of baking shows about bakers crafting fancy cakes, so this one ramps things up a bit by getting an engineer involved. The show creates teams of "Bakineers" (which is, apparently, what you call a baker and an engineer tag-team) to make functional, larger-than-life treats.
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Love Is Blind: Brazil

New reality series. While you wait for another stateside-produced season of Netflix's hit dating series in which contestants don't see each other's faces, this new rendition hailing from Brazil should be able to hold you over.

there's someone inside your house cast, sydney park
'There's Someone Inside Your House' | Netflix

There's Someone Inside Your House

New movie. Creepy! Adapted from Stephanie Perkins' horror novel of the same name, this teen scream imagines a terrifying bummer of a senior year when a Hawaiian high schooler relocates to her grandmother's small Nebraska town to finish school and a secrets-exposing killer starts taunting her and her new classmates. The film is directed by Creep filmmaker Patrick Brice, and James Wan is among the producers.
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The Billion Dollar Code

New miniseries. Did you know a hacker once took Google to court? This German miniseries explores the legal case that ensued when a hacker and an artist tried to sue the tech giant years for patent infringement, claiming to have developed Google Earth themselves.

Sexy Beasts

Season 2. What's arguably Netflix's strangest reality series is coming back. The bonkers dating show, which dresses up its contestants in outlandish "beast" costumes, has another set of singles looking for love (underneath all that fur and prosthetics).

The Way of the Househusband

Season 1 Part 2. If you didn't catch the first half of this wildly enjoyable anime about a yakuza boss going full-on domestic stay-at-home dad mode, now's the time. It's coming back for another slate of episodes.

Pretty Smart

New series. Family sitcom queen Emily Osment (Hannah Montana, Young and Hungry) has got another one up her sleeve. Here, she stars as a book-smart sister who's forced to move back in with her sister and her goofy, obnoxious roommates. Chaos, of course, ensues (plus lessons in life and love).
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blue period anime adaptation, Yatora Yaguchi, Yatora Yaguchi in blue period
'Blue Period' | Netflix


Blue Period

New anime. A coming-of-age anime adapted from Tsubasa Yamaguchi's popular manga about a high schooler who discovers a passion for painting and immerses himself in the art world.
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The Baby-Sitters Club

Season 2. The girls are back—and with two new members!
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The King's Affection

New series. This K-drama follows a young female royal who was sent away when she was young, but is brought back to the kingdom when her twin brother dies to take on his identity and rule as prince.
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Bright: Samurai Soul

New anime. Did you catch the 2017 fantasy movie Bright starring Will Smith? No worries if not, it's getting an anime film adaptation. It switches things up a bit, though, set during Japan's Meiji Restoration, but still follows a human ronin and orc assassin's mission.
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Reflection of You

New series. This K-drama focuses on the relationship of a successful painter who came from a low-income background who meets and befriends a young woman with a similar upbringing who reminds her of herself.

Another Life

Season 2. This sci-fi series, which first aired in 2019, is finally back for a second season. Now, the United States Interstellar Command must try to negotiate with extraterrestrials after they destroyed another planet.
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dolores fonzi in fever dream
'Fever Dream' | Netflix

Fever Dream

New movie. Argentinian writer Samanta Schweblin's acclaimed novel Fever Dream (aka Distancia de Rescate) is getting the film treatment. The suspenseful story is set in rural Argentina where an ill woman wakes up in a hospital where a young boy is at her bedside, questioning what led to her sickness.
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The Forgotten Battle

New movie. A French period piece about the WWII Battle of the Scheldt from the perspective of several soldiers on both sides of the battle front and a resistance leader.
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My Name

New series. When a young woman's father is killed, she tries to avenge his death by teaming up with a crime boss, who then suggests she go undercover and work on the police force.
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The Trip

New movie. You know what they say: When your marriage isn't working out, you might as well just end it all… by murdering each other. That's what a couple (Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie) decides to do in this Norwegian horror comedy, but they end up finding something even more gruesome when they arrive at the cabin where they planned to do the deed.


Season 3. Murderous creep Joe (Penn Badgley) sets his eyes on a new target of obsession, blonde neighbor Natalie, who he peeped engrossed in a book he almost certainly has at least five opinions on. Such wandering eyes when his girlfriend, the equally blood-lusting Love (Victoria Pedretti), is so pregnant! For shame, Joe. Season 3 will also feature an ensemble of the finest LA stereotypes, including a wellness guru, "momfluencer," and tech venture capitalist.
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New documentary. Documenting the journey of three teenagers who were adopted in America who, after discovering online they are blood-related cousins, travel together to China in search of their birth history.

debby ryan in night teeth, Jorge Lengeborg Jr. and debby ryan in night teeth
'Night Teeth' | Kat Marcinowski/Netflix

Night Teeth

New movie. Alfie Allen stars in this horror movie as a chauffeur who drives two young women (Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry) to parties in LA, and follows his night that turns into a twisty ride as he learns his passengers are not who they claim to be. Hint: They've got fangs.
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Stuck Together

New movie. Hopefully you're still in the mood for movies about the pandemic because here comes another one. Stuck Together is set in the Parisian apartment building ​​8, Rue de l'Humanite where a handful of families deal with the best and worst of their neighbors during quarantine.
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Komi Can't Communicate

New anime. A high school-set anime about a boy named Tadano who tries to help his shy classmate Komi be more outgoing in order to reach a goal of making 100 friends.
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Sex, Love & goop

New reality series. Gwyneth Paltrow is never necessarily the No. 1 expert at any of the health and wellness topics she decides to dive into, but alas, Netflix has given yet another series to do exactly that. As you might expect, this one sees her working with a handful of couples on improving their sex lives and intimacy. Unclear if she'll break out the controversial jade eggs.

Adventure Beast

New animated series. Real-life Australian naturalist and personality Bradley Trevor Greive voices a goofy, fictionalized version of himself in this animated comedy about a globe-trotting zoologist on zany wildlife expeditions. 
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Roaring Twenties

New reality series. No, it's not about the 1920s—it's about the absolutely whirlwind that are your 20s! The show focuses on a group of, you guessed it, 20-somethings in Austin as they navigate life and love.

inside job netflix animated series
'Inside Job' | Netflix


Inside Job

New series. This adult animation series may have the power to get the conspiracy theories really worked up. The comedy set in a world where the Deep State really does exist and focuses on the employees of that office whose job it is to try to keep everything from lizard people to secret societies covered up. Lizzy Caplan and Christian Slater are among the voice cast.

Locke and Key

Season 2. After a long wait, this spooky Netflix original finally returns. The adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's horror comic follows the fantastical adventure of the Locke children when they return to their ancestral family home after their father is killed, which is where they discover a mysterious set of keys. Season 2 is supposed to be even darker, now that the evil entity the Lockes thought they defeated has inhabited someone close to them.
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Sex: Unzipped

New reality series. How would you feel about learning everything you wanted to know about sex and more from… puppets? That's one of the caveats of this comedy talk show, but it also sees rapper Saweetie as its host, a slate of comedians, and health experts talking about the birds and the bees as unfiltered as possible.



New movie. Mike Flanagan collaborator Kate Siegel just can't get enough of starring in horror projects. This time around, The Haunting and Hush actress stars as a woman who seeks out a hypnotist, which leads to dark consequences after several sessions. Jason O’Mara and Dulé Hill also star.

Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight: Part 2

New movie. Last year Netflix dropped the bonkers Polish slasher Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight about a group of teenagers forced to forgo technology for the weekend at a camp where something is lurking in the woods. This year, they're following up the genre-defying film with a sequel about a policeman in the same town who's looking to make a name for himself, presumably hunting the killer from Part 1.

Army of Thieves

New movie. If you were obsessed with Zack Snyder's fun action movie Army of the Dead earlier this year, it's time to get excited because a prequel is already on the way. Army of Thieves is set in the early days of the zombie outbreak and finds Matthias Schweighöfer reprising his role as Ludwig Dieter. Here, he's called upon by a mysterious woman (Nathalie Emmanuel) to help pull off a safecracking heist.
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Colin in Black and White

New series. Award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (When They See Us, Selma) teamed up with Colin Kaepernick to create this miniseries about the former football player and activists's life. Set during his high school years, the show examines his upbringing and what led him to become such an outspoken leader. Kaepernick himself narrates, while Jaden Michael plays him, and Nick Offerman and Mary-Louise Parker play his parents.
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the harder they fall
'The Harder They Fall' | Netflix

The Harder They Fall 

New movie. Idris Elba, LaKeith Stanfield, and Regina King are heading west. The three lead the cast in this highly anticipated Western about a man out for revenge against the man who murdered his parents. 
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A Cop Movie

New documentary. Mexican filmmaker Alonso Ruizpalacios's latest is an experimental documentary that blends nonfiction with narrative as it profiles two Mexican police officers to examine the toughness of their work, while displaying the flaws of their own profession.
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Love Hard

New movie. How an internet-literate young person could still get catfished in this day and age is unclear, but, whatever, this is a Netflix holiday rom-com! Nina Dobrev stars in Love Hard as a woman who travels across the country to spend the holidays with a man she's only talked to online on a dating app, only to find out she was catfished by his childhood friend (Jimmy O'Yang).

The Unlikely Murderer

New limited series. The 1986 assassination of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme has been a crime the nation's struggled to understand for years, and led to dozens of conspiracy theories. At the center of the case, though, has always been a man named Stig Engström who was one of the few witnesses on the scene and never convicted, but may have been the culprit all along. This dramatized limited series focuses on him, and tries to make sense of what happened.
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Carlos Santos in gentefied season 2, Karrie Martin in gentefied season 2
'Gentefied' Season 2 | Netflix



Season 2. The comedy about three cousins trying to make their taco shop successful in a rapidly-changing LA returns for another installment.


New movie. Actress Rebecca Hall makes her directorial debut in this adaptation of Nella Larsen's popular novel about two Black women who pass as white and pretend to be in 1920s New York. Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga lead the cast.
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Red Notice

New movie. Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds all star in this action film that follows an Interpol agent tracking down the world's most-wanted art thief.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Season 2. Hey, all you cool cats and kittens! Did you know there was more Tiger King coming to Netflix? It's unclear if the upcoming episodes will be a follow-up of where the cases at the center of the docuseries stand now or a release of extra footage that went unused in Season 1, but the showrunners are back on board.

john cho, mustafa shakir, daniella pineda in cowboy bebop

Cowboy Bebop

New series. 3, 2, 1, let's jam. A live-action version of beloved space western anime about the adventures of an intergalactic bounty hunter is on the way. John Cho stars as the iconic Spike Spiegel and Shinichiro Watanabe, who created the original, is on as creative consultant—so it's safe to say we're stoked about this one.


New series. This Korean horror series imagines a version of Seoul where demonic entities rise up from the underworld and every day condemn a handful of people to Hell. When a religious group starts to rise up and claims to have answers to what's happening, one lawyer tries to challenge their beliefs.
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tick, tick… BOOM

New movie. Lin-Manuel Miranda may be known for penning and starring in Broadway hits In the Heights and Hamilton, but now he's heading behind the director's chair, too. Tick, tick… BOOM, which stars Andrew Garfield, marks Miranda's directorial debut and tells the story of an aspiring theater composer in NYC with his sights set on writing the next great musical.
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halle berry in bruised
'Bruised' | Netflix


New movie. Halle Berry is getting behind the camera for her first-ever film as a director. She's getting in front of it too, as she's also starring in this film about a former MMA star athlete trying to regain custody of her daughter and career.

Robin Robin

New movie. OK, cute: Gillian Anderson and Richard E. Grant voice little critters in a tale about a bird raised by mice who sets off to discover more about her own kind.
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14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible

New documentary. Documenting the extraordinary mission of climber Nims Purja as he and his team try to break the world record time of climbing the world's 8000m+ peaks in just seven months.

A Boy Called Christmas

New movie. Can you feel it? That chill in the air and an all-consuming giddy joy starting to take over? The holidays are on the way, and that means so is Netflix's jam-packed slate of holiday movies. This one's the whimsical adaptation of Matt Haig's children's book about the origins of Father Christmas, joining a young boy named Nikolas's quest into the north to find his long-lost father. Maggie Smith, Sally Hawkins, and Kristen Wiig are among the cast.

A Castle For Christmas

New movie. What's a holiday season without some super cheesy movies coming to Netflix? A Castle For Christmas pulls a handful of typical character and plot points out of the holiday movie grab bag to see a relationship unfold between an American author (Brooke Shields) and a Scottish castle owner (Cary Elwes) when the writer tries to buy the castle off him for the holidays.

The Princess Switch 3

New movie. Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens, and Vanessa Hudgens are back in the third movie in this goofy Netflix holiday series. This time around, the lookalikes are on the hunt for a precious princess relic that was stolen.

7 Prisoners

New movie. A Brazilian drama about a young boy who takes a job working in underground crime in São Paulo to help his family, which forces him to make decisions regarding morality when it becomes a sex trafficking operation.

benedict cumberbatch and jess plemons in the power of the dog
'The Power of the Dog' | KIRSTY GRIFFIN/NETFLIX

The Power of the Dog

New movie. Oscar-winner Jane Campion is on as writer-director of this adaptation of Thomas Savage's novel about a pair of rival brothers who own a ranch and tensions start to rise between them when one gets married. Real-life couple Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons lead the cast, as well as Benedict Cumberbatch, Thomasin McKenzie, and others.
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Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

New movie. What's the holidays without a little bit of stop-motion? Everybody's favorite sheep is back in a new adventure, as he tries to find his dear friend Timmy, who was taken during a farmhouse raid, and get him home in time for the holidays.

The Unforgivable

New movie. Sandra Bullock stars in this drama as a woman released from prison after committing a violet crime, now trying to rebuild her life again. Viola Davis, Rob Morgan, and Jon Bernthal are also among the cast.

The Hand of God

New movie. Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino's most personal film to date returns to his youth to tell the story of a boy growing up in '80s Naples and how the arrival of soccer legend Diego Maradona in his town transformed his life.

henry cavill in the witcher season 2
'The Witcher' Season 2 | Jay Maidment


The Witcher

Season 2Toss another coin to your local Witcher: Henry Cavill's brooding, wandering monster hunter Geralt of Rivia is coming back this year with all the Hmm's and Fuck's you could hope for. Video game and book series fans should be in for a little treat—we're betting Season 2 is adapting the first book of the main Witcher series, Blood of Elves. Ciri could be much older; Yennifer should still be on a mission to become the greatest sorcerer; Jaskier, without a doubt, will still be penning his annoyingly catchy bard songs. You can't escape destiny, Geralt.

Emily in Paris

Season 2. Oui oui! Your favorite silly guilty pleasure is coming back! Time to get our your berets!


Don't Look Up

New movie. Adam McKay's (Anchorman, The Big Short) latest is as star-studded a blockbuster as they come. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCarprio lead the cast as two astronomers tasked with informing the public that a destructive comet is approaching Earth, and supporting them is an ensemble featuring the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Chris Evans, music stars Ariana Grande and Kid Cudi, and many others.

Cobra Kai

Season 4. After a decades-long battle between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, the two might just have to let their competition go to defeat a common enemy. That's where Season 4 is headed in this Karate Kid spin-off, as the two's dojos team up to try take down Cobra Kai at an upcoming tournament.

The Lost Daughter

New movie. For Maggie Gyllenhaal's directorial debut, she adapted renown author Elena Ferrante's novel The Lost Daughter. The star-studded film features the likes of Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Dakota Johnson, Peter Sarsgaard, Paul Mescal, Ed Harris, and others, telling the story of how one woman's beach vacation forces her to revisit her past when she becomes obsessed with a young mother staying at the same resort.

back to the outback netflix movie
'Back to the Outback' | Netflix


Back to the Outback

New movie. Koalas, kangaroos, platypuses, wombats! Some of the most interesting animals on Earth definitely come from the land Down Under. In this animated movie, a group of those cuddly and not-so-cuddly critters are making a run for it out of one of Australia's zoos and into the outback. Appropriately, Aussie stars like Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, and Keith Urban contribute to the voice cast.


New movie. A heartwarming film set on the eve of Y2K when a young orphaned girl who lives with her former teen mother grandma (Julie Bowen) discovers a broken mixtape that belonged to her parents, and sets out to discover its contents.

Single All the Way

New movie. That punny title! Netflix has a queer holiday film sliding down the chimney. Here, a Christmastime conundrum unfolds when a young man requests his best friend pretend to be his boyfriend over the holidays, only to go home and find out his mother (Kathy Najimy) has set him up on a blind date.



New movie. Lena Waithe wrote this drama about a talented Black singer who starts to lose her identity and finds her relationship taking a hit when she's offered a high-profile recording contract.


New movie. Smash fans—a more definitive Marilyn Monroe biopic is in the works. Ana de Armas is taking on the iconic movie star in this biopic. Based on Joyce Carol Oates' book of the same name, the film is said to chronicle her life and rise, starting out with her humble beginnings as Norma Jean.

Dead to Me

Season 3. It's time for Ben's (James Mardsen) dark secrets to take front-and-center in the upcoming season of this addictive series. Stock up on plenty of wine before the Thelma and Louise of streaming—Judy (Linda Cardellini) and Jen (Christina Applegate)—come crashing back onto your screens with their sometimes murderous intent.

Escape from Spiderhead 

New movie. Based on a short story by George Saunders, Escape from Spiderhead is set in a near-future where an organization conducts experiments on the incarcerated by manipulating their emotions with drugs. Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett star.

Into the Deep

New documentary. This documentary began as filmmaker Emma Sullivan's attempt to profile Danish inventor Peter Madsen in 2016, but became something much bigger after Madsen shockingly murdered journalist Kim Wall aboard his self-made submarine the following year.


Season 4. The final season of the tense Missouri-set money laundering saga will be nothing short of shocking, we expect. The Byrdes keep getting deeper in bed with dangerous people—now, the cartel boss Omar Navarro and the FBI—and it's only a matter of time until the blocks crumble beneath them, sending their family and associates into a free fall.

Peaky Blinders

Season 6. Our Peakies! The biggest question at hand after a doozy of a fifth season in Steven Knight's English mob series is: Who betrayed Tommy Shelby and caused his plan to take out political rival and literal fascist Oswald Mosley to fail? (We have some thoughts.) This will be the last season of Peaky Blinders.

Pieces of Her 

New series. Toni Collette leads the cast in this adaptation of Karin Slaughter's popular thriller about a woman who tries to stop an active shooter, and the effects it has on her relationship with her daughter who feels she witnesses a change in her mother after the traumatic interference.

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