Netflix Is Raising Its Prices in the U.S.

Netflix's standard and premium plans are getting a little bit pricier.

Chesnot/Getty Images
Chesnot/Getty Images

Depending on your plan, get ready to shell out more per month for Netflix. Yes, the purveyor of entertainment ranging from holiday trash like Holidate to David Fincher's Mank is raising the prices of both its standard and premium plans. According to Variety, the standard will go up $1 a month from $12.99 to $13.99, while the premium will go from $15.99 to $17.99. 

With the standard plan you get the ability to watch on two screens at a time and full HD; the premium offers four screens and 4K Ultra HD. If you stick with the most basic offering—one screen, no HD—your price of $8.99 a month won't change. Brand-new subscribers will register at the new price.

As for why this is happening, a Netflix spokesperson said: "We’re updating our prices so that we can continue to offer more variety of TV shows and films—in addition to our great fall lineup. As always we offer a range of plans so that people can pick a price that works best for their budget." So, basically, Netflix wants more of your money so they can keep making stuff for you to binge. 

This price increase comes as the company has been canceling previously renewed shows like GLOW due to the coronavirus pandemic, and getting rid of its 30-day free trial period. The last time Netflix bumped its cost was in 2019 when it went from $10.99 to $12.99. The changes to billing will come over the next months, per Variety.

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Esther Zuckerman is a senior entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @ezwrites.