Netflix Reveals the Most Bingeworthy Show of 2017

american vandal netflix

Netflix has released some of its most interesting stats from 2017, a year when more and more people flocked indoors to the cold comfort of constant entertainment. The streaming giant made big moves this year to build its audience and keep queues filled thanks to a bevy of new original series and movies.

But what show was the most bingeworthy, a word that entered the vernacular thanks largely to Netflix? According to a recently released "2017 on Netflix - A Year in Bingeing" report, that honor goes to American Vandal, the true-crime parody of hits like Making a Murderer, which tells the story of a high school student accused of drawing dicks on teachers' cars. Lots and lots of dicks.

The company is notoriously tight-lipped when it comes to viewing data, so there's no publicly available information about which shows are actually the most watched. Instead, Netflix's report is based loosely on data -- along with some odd nuggets, like the fact that 53 people watched A Christmas Prince every day for 18 straight days -- to break shows into a few categories.

Those categories are: "The Shows We Devoured," for shows that people watched for more than two hours per day; "The Shows We Savored," for shows people watched less than two hours per day; "The Shows That Got Us Cheating," for shows that one account member skipped ahead on; and "The Shows that Brought Us Together," for shows Netflix users rated as good to watch with the whole family.

Of interest to us here is the first category, "The Shows We Devoured," where American Vandal took the top spot. Audiences apparently loved sucking down the tongue-in-cheek comedy, which features YouTube star Jimmy Tatro, for more than two hours every day, though it's tough to determine based on the information Netflix provided exactly how big that audience was. Suffice to say that a series about drawing dicks was probably the ideal solace for plenty of Americans in 2017, most of whom should be happy to hear that there's going to be a second season, set to premiere in 2018. The company hasn't said whether or not dicks will play a role.

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Wes Rendar is a writer who watched American Vandal for exactly 1 hour and 59 minutes every day since its release.