Who's Who on Season 2 of Netflix's 'The Circle'

Who's a catfish this season? Is Lance Bass REALLY one of the contestants??

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The Circle is back! THE CIRCLE IS BACK! Netflix's weirdest and best reality show has finally returned, giving us the perfect quarantine analog to spend what is hopefully the last few months of the pandemic watching. Season 2 of the endlessly entertaining social media competition kicked off this week with its first four episodes (the show will be dropping multiple episodes every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks, so mark your calendars), and things are already off to a dramatic start. We've had a few backs stabbed, a few tentative alliances formed, and the addition of one very, very famous '90s boy band member to kick things into gear. Here is a master list of all the cast members on the show so far, which of them have been blocked from The Circle already, and which of them are playing as sneaky, sneaky catfish. 

Mild spoilers for the first four episodes follow. 


"Emily," a.k.a. Jack

Jack, who is playing the game pretending to be his sorority girl friend Emily, is relying on strategy and manipulation to get ahead, and so far has done pretty well for himself by remaining a neutral player and general supporter of all the women in the Circle. No one in any of the "girls only" group chats has sussed him out yet, thinking they're telling their deepest darkest secrets to sweet, angelic Emily, lover of hot tubs, boozy brunches, and the New York Giants (which weirded out "Trevor"). If Jack goes down in Circle history as a villain, he won't be mad. 


"Trevor," a.k.a. Deleesa

Deleesa is going into The Circle not only pretending to be her husband Trevor, but also pretending he's a single father, banking on the DILF energy to get the girls on his side, and his more approachable exterior to bro out with the guys. "Trevor" already has a romance blooming with another contestant, which has kept Deleesa safe through two rounds of eliminations. 



Math teacher Terilisha has plotted out the perfect strategy to go far in The Circle, cutthroat and savvy, and already has her eye on "Trevor," whose vibe just seems off. She was the first top influencer in the Circle, which led to a bit of a flame war with Savannah, dividing alliances after the first blocking. 


"River," a.k.a. Lee

58-year-old author Lee is a veteran catfish, having written a ton of books under a female pen name. In The Circle, he's playing as "River," a 20-something friend of his. Lee's version of "River" is a gay man who recently went through heartbreak, which is sure to earn him plenty of sympathy points from both the girls and the guys. Lee's a little shaky with the hashtags but his poetry slam poem (yes, one of the challenges was a poetry slam) was pretty impressive. 



If Essex native Chloe looks familiar to you, that's because she already competed on another Netflix reality show, Too Hot To Handle. She's bringing her "BAAAAABES" catchphrase to The Circle this season, along with her patchy knowledge of '90s boy bands and American-British historical relations. Her straightforwardness is a fun foil among the roundabout Americans: She's annoyed by Emily's indecisiveness about picking sides and already has a budding romance with Trevor, which would be great news for Chloe except for the fact that Trevor is married… and also not Trevor at all. She'll be proper gutted when she figures that one out. 



While Courtney is using his real name and identity on The Circle, he's keeping his job as an Internet mini-celebrity and pop-culture aficionado a secret, pretending to be a nobody barista instead to keep the other players from paying too much attention to him. Four episodes in, he's amassed a veritable conspiracy wall of factoids he's picked up about the other players. Courtney might be one to watch out for, especially since he's the first player to be granted access to the "Inner Circle" in episode 4's big cliffhanger ending.


"Lance Bass" a.k.a. Lisa

The first new person to join after the initial blocking, the *NSYNC boyband member is actually being played by Lisa—who is genuinely Lance's personal assistant, so if any of the contestants try to catch "Lance" out with any trick questions, Lisa is probably going to know. I don't think any of the players really believe it's the real Lance Bass behind that profile, but it might be a good idea to keep even a fake boy band member on your side. 




Oh, Bryant. It's always the genuine ones who end up getting booted first!! The breathwork instructor came with the intention to spread love and make friends (#LoyalLads), which is never a good idea if you're a contestant on a reality show. Though the Circle crew thought he was a sweet guy, especially hitting their soft spots when a game revealed that he had raised $10,000 to get a friend off the street, he just wasn't a game player.



Savannah, a research scientist, self-titled #DataDaddy, and source of chaos, took a risk by revealing her Influencer spat with Terilisha over who to save in the first blocking—choosing to to go bat for "Trevor," having connected as the daughter of a single parent, over the #GirlGang—to the other players too early, allowing Terilisha to do some damage control and win enough of the other contestants to her side. 

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