You Can Now Watch a Handful of Netflix Originals For Free

Tune into 'Bird Box,' 'Stranger Things,' and more.

stranger things
'Stranger Things' | Netflix
'Stranger Things' | Netflix

Millions already have their own Netflix accounts, but maybe you've been banking on saving an extra $12.99 a month by using your friend of a friend's or ex's or ex's parents' account, living in fear that they'll eventually notice you've been mooching off their account and log you out. Luckily, for non-Netflix users, the streamer is now offering a handful of original titles free to stream. 

Gadgets360 originally pointed out that Netflix recently quietly debuted a new free streaming option called "Watch Free" that allows anyone to watch several Netflix movies and TV shows without a subscription. Currently, viewers can tune into the Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston-starring Murder Mystery, 2018's horror hit (and internet challenge instigator) Bird Box, and the Oscar-nominated The Two Popes, as well as series including Stranger Things, When They See Us, Élite, Love Is Blind, Grace and FrankieOur Planet, and The Boss Baby: Back in Business -- although, only the first episode is available for each. According to the Watch Free page, the free selection changes from time to time, so get streaming if you've been account-less and dying to watch last year's Sandman comedy. 

netflix watch free

It's not the first time Netflix has offered free content -- Variety pointed out it has made documentaries available on YouTube in the past, as well as movies like To All the Boys I've Loved Before ahead of the release of its sequel -- but this certainly is its most deliberate plan meant to entice new subscribers. While it may not ask you to register before watching something (and then subsequently have you scrambling to cancel your trial a week later before you get charged), a prompt to sign up does appear after you stream one of the offerings.

Watch Free is currently only available on browsers and Android devices, but you can start your free streaming here now (and let the pilot of Stranger Things hook you, and inevitably force you into yet another streaming subscription).

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Sadie Bell is the entertainment editorial assistant at Thrillist. She's on Twitter at @mssadiebell.