Everything We Know About Season 2 of Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever'

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Those who have already binged Mindy Kaling's Never Have I Ever knows that the ending of the season also marks the beginning of a love triangle for our heroine Devi. In the final moments of the show Devi is making out with her former nemesis Ben Gross while her former crush Paxton Hall-Yoshida calls her to make amends. It means the comedy is primed for a second season. But we've still got some waiting to do before Netflix makes any official announcements.

Of course, Never Have I Ever is not only worth watching for the romantic plot. In its first 10 episodes, the series managed to balance a sweetly sad thread about Devi's grief over the death of her father with an astute exploration of her Indian identity and throw all that teen drama on top of that. So let's figure out what's next. In the meantime: Are you Team Ben or Team Paxton? 

Will there be a Season 2?

Yes! The cast made a very cute announcement that was posted to Instagram on July 1 that the show will indeed becoming back for more. The video also gives us a chance to check in one everyone in quarantine. 

Are there ideas for a Season 2?

Yes! Kaling explained in an interview with Collider that she and co-creator Lang Fisher have every intention of keeping the show running for as long as possible. "Obviously, we would love to keep doing the show forever, so we wanted a cliffhanger and not to tie up everything with a little bow," she said.

So everything is going to work out great for Devi going forward, right?

Not so fast. Sure, Devi is kissing a boy and has made at least temporary peace with her mother for the time being, but Kaling cautioned that it won't be entirely smooth sailing. "I feel like life is really hard for most people, and just because she has a promise of something good, doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily going to happen," she added. "She’s still a really flawed character who could mess things up. So we wanted to keep the door open for next season, to wait to see those two situations would pan out."

Talking with Variety, star Maitreyi Ramakrishnan has more on her mind for her character than just boys. Describing her wishes for another season, Ramakrishnan said she wants Devi to make things right with her mom and friends, deal more thoroughly with her grief over her dead dad, and embrace her culture. "I think if Devi does those magic three, she might be a little bit more at peace with herself," she concluded.

Will John McEnroe be back as narrator?

One of the most odd and delightful elements of Never Have I Ever is that it is narrated by tennis legend John McEnroe, who would totally be game for coming back. "That'd be great," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I'm getting people I haven't heard from for years saying, 'I heard you on Never Have I Ever,' which has been nice. Also, people of different ages. Some of that has to do with us all being stuck in our houses but from all different walks of life, younger people and kids up to old farts like myself. It's been a nice combination..." Another season also means more chances for other celebrities to drop in as narrators for standalone episodes, like Andy Samberg did when recounting the lonely life of Ben Gross.

Is Season 2 filming? 

Yes, the cast made another very cute video posted on November 23 to announce that the show has gone back into production. 

Will there be new characters? 

For sure—the above video served as an introduction to Megan Suri, the new addition to the cast. It seems like Suri will not play Devi's new BFF, at least not immediately. Her character's "confidence and radiance" is an "immediate threat" to our heroine. 

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