All the Secrets Hidden in the First Big 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Trailer

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With tickets finally available for its December 15 release, Disney and Lucasfilm have dropped the first big trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and boy is it a whopper. If you’re hoping to avoid major spoilers, this probably isn’t the trailer for you: In it, we get significant information about Rey, Luke, Leia, Kylo Ren, and – most curiously – Supreme Leader Snoke, who seems to have a hold on both Rey and Ren, force users so powerful that they’ve both terrified Luke Skywalker.

Without further ado, here is an obsessive breakdown and analysis of the new trailer.

last jedi loading bay
Walt Disney Pictures/LucasFilm

Kylo surveys a First Order base

After the destruction of Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens, it looks like Kylo and the rest of the First Order have settled in either an pre-existing-yet-undeclared spot, or an entirely new location on the Star Wars galaxy map. Either way, this looks both darker and grimmer than the cleaner-cut First Order sanctions we’ve previously seen.

new order at-m6
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Our first clear look at the new AT-M6 walkers

The trailer opens with a few flashes, one of which contains these new AT model walkers on the salt planet of Crait. Fans may recall the similarity between these models and the AT-AT walkers of the snow planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. According to designer Kevin Jenkins, the AT-M6 models are crafted after both German Panzer tanks from WWII and dogs. Also notice the moth-like craft carrier in the sky – what could that be?

first order snowtroopers last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Stormtroopers on Crait

This shot finds Kylo Ren leading a troupe of sequel-era Snowtroopers on Crait. Notice the red rock lining underneath them. As they march, Snoke says the line: "When I found you, I saw raw, untamed power. And beyond that, something truly special." It remains unclear who he’s speaking to, but the next shot leads into…

rey lightsaber training on ahch-to in the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Rey with Luke’s blue lightsaber

We see Rey fully connecting with Luke’s blue saber, which she may only give back to the Jedi master for a second or two. Apparently it's hers to wield and train with now. She tells him, in the next shot…

luke metal hand takes old lightsaber last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

"Inside me it’s always been there..."

force tree in fog last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Rey approaching the Force Tree

"...but now it’s awake." Early reports from The Last Jedi set confirmed the existence of this special tree, which is also most likely where we saw those Jedi books in the first teaser, as the next shot seems to insinuate. This Force Tree – similar to a tree that appeared in Disney’s The Clone Wars and Marvel’s Shattered Empire – will supposedly burst into flames, being some sort of “test” for The Last Jedi’s heroes.

Journals of the Whills last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
rey lightsaber the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
rey using the force in the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Rey can't control her powers

"And I need help." Rey seems to be asking Jedi master Luke for help in training with the Force, something she’s always felt but hasn’t yet been able to tame.

luke skywalker the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Luke is surprised by Rey’s power

As John Williams’ powerful "Jedi Steps" theme plays bombastically in the background, Luke tells Rey, "I’ve seen this raw strength only once before."

knights of ren training last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

The destruction of Luke’s Jedi temple

"It didn’t scare me enough then. It does now." Against the fiery images of Luke’s burning Jedi academy, Luke informs Rey how much her use of the Force terrifies him, a man who has witness the destructive essence of his nephew Kylo Ren’s force. He doesn’t seem to want anything more to do with Rey’s similar strength.

luke and the knights of ren last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

According to the supplemental novels, Luke’s academy was brought down after Kylo Ren – under the influence of Snoke – enacted a purge that killed off most of the students of Luke’s school. With no new Jedis in the universe, Luke rightfully excluded himself from the general population.

kylo ren helmet the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Kylo Ren confronts his ennui

"Let the past die. Kill it," Ren says before slamming his helmet into what looks to be a new First Order hallway. Is he grappling with his recent murder of his father, Han Solo?

Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Several new ships are involved in an air raid

We know, from several toy and product releases, that Kylo Ren has a new personalized TIE fighter in The Last Jedi. This is the first time we really see it in action, along with other new TIEs in what looks like an air strike against the Resistance.

kylo ren scar
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
carrie fisher as princess leia in the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Kylo vs. Leia

"If you have to, that’s the only way to become what you were meant to be," says Ren as he locks into what appears to be some sort of duel with General Leia Organa, his mother. After Carrie Fisher’s recent passing, we have to wonder – is Ren about to permanently destroy his mother, as he did his father?

millennium falcon flying through crait last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

TIE fighters pursue the Falcon through Crait

We can only assume this is Rey’s return to battle, as someone is clearly piloting the Falcon through the red caverns of the mineral planet of Crait.

screaming porg the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

The porg makes noises

Chewbacca and his new "friend," a porg from the planet of Ahch-To, vocally comment on whatever air battle they’re involved in aboard the Falcon. This is the first time we’ve heard a porg speak, and he sounds as cute and terrifying as we’ve been led to believe!

poe the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Poe comments on the war at hand

"We have a spark that’ll light the First Order down." So says seemingly good-guy Poe Dameron, who many have pointed out is seen on the "bad guy" side of the recently released official poster for The Last Jedi. Where do Poe’s loyalties lie? And who is he talking to? It sounds like Leia, who, according to the novels, is a mother figure to the Resistance pilot.

finn captain phasma fight the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
captain phasma the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Finn fights Captain Phasma

Finn broke away from the First Order in The Force Awakens, but it looks like he’s about to have a brutal confrontation with his former chrome-trooper captain in this scene. Notice that Finn is dressed in an Imperial-looking suit. Is he in disguise?

snow fox the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

The ice foxes of Crait

We got our first look at these crystalized creatures in The Lasi Jedi's behind-the-scenes reel earlier this year. But to see them in action is to bear witness to their mysterious beauty. Fans wonder where they originated from, but the red salt planes beneath them seem to indicate that they are natives of Crait.

rey in water the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Rey diving on Achh-To

Earlier rumors indicated that Rey may go deep into the waters of the island planet of Achh-To to fight some sort of sea monster, and this clip seems to confirm that. What sort of Force beast is she battling there?

finn stormtroopers the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Finn back with the First Order

Once again we see what looks like Finn accompanied by First Order troops. Is Finn legitimately back with his former Imperial-esque order, or is being duplicitous?

the first order the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
supreme leader snoke the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
snoke force attack on rey in the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Snoke and Rey finally meet

"Fulfill your destiny," a maniacal Snoke says to Rey, using his Force powers to bend her (literally) backwards. We don’t yet have any idea who Supreme Leader Snoke is, although some have guessed he might be an incarnation of Darth Plagueis, a mysterious Force user from the prequels.

dark side rey the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
kylo ren and rey the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm
dark side the last jedi
Walt Disney Pictures/Lucasfilm

Rey and Kylo connect

"I need someone to show me my place in all this," Rey says, before we catch a glimpse of Kylo Ren offering her his hand. Is she really beckoning this evil Force user, or is this a clever misdirect from the trailer and is Rey actually talking to Luke? It’s hard to tell from the scenes we’re provided, but we’ll certainly be asking ourselves this question until The Last Jedi arrives in theaters this December.

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