The LAPD Just Discovered a Secret Bloody Knife Under O.J.'s Mansion

O.J. Simpson at the 1995 murder trial
Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images

In a twist stranger than fiction (but just strange enough for an American Crime Story), the LAPD may have just found a knife buried under O.J. Simpson's house. Wait, what the Juice?!

TMZ reports that a construction worker found a folding buck knife buried at O.J. Simpson's former residence sometime between 1998 and "several years ago." He then gave the knife to an LAPD cop, who, instead of getting the knife immediately tested for DNA, pulled a Gollum and kept the precioussss for himself. One man's verdict-swaying evidence is another man's mantle trophy.

In late January, the cop retired and passed the knife on to another LAPD pal, sharing his plans to get it framed and hang it on his wall. Thankfully, the second cop sent the potential murder weapon in for DNA testing, which is taking place as we speak.

As you may know, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the 1994 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman, and a murder weapon was never found despite overwhelming evidence of Simpson's guilt. While O.J. couldn't be prosecuted again because of double jeopardy, this new evidence would certainly make for an interesting coda to Ryan Murphy's TV series about the case airing on FX right now.

So what do you think: is this just really good timing, or did Ryan Murphy engineer the world's most elaborate viral marketing stunt in hopes of some Jinx-like finale ratings? The jury's still out.

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Anna Silman is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment who thinks the Akita did it. Find her on Twitter: @annaesilman.