Bill Murray and Rashida Jones Team Up in the Trailer for Sofia Coppola's Latest Movie

It's called 'On the Rocks' and it's coming to Apple TV+.

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Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray are easily one of the most exciting pairs in modern cinematic history. The collaboration started with Lost in Translation, continued with a swinging Netflix Christmas special, and now they are back together with On the Rocks, the new movie set to hit theaters and Apple TV+ in October. 

The latest from Coppola, who writes and directs, stars Murray as Felix, the caddish and charming father to a woman named Laura played by Rashida Jones. When she complains about the strain on her relationship with her husband (Marlon Wayans), Felix suspects that something "fishy" is going on. So the two attempt to find evidence of the adultery, galavanting around New York in a sporty car and drinking what appears to be many martinis. 

It all seems like quite a swerve from Coppola's last project, The Beguiled, a remake set during the Civil War. Coppola has indicated that On the Rocks is more talky than most of her films, but it still feels infused with the anything-can-happen in a cityscape energy of something like Lost in Translation

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Esther Zuckerman is a senior entertainment writer at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @ezwrites.